Most Common Symbols in Jewelry and How to Wear Them

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Jewelry is much more than a simple adornment: it has long been a way for people to express themselves, their beliefs, and their values. Throughout the entire history, jewelry pieces featured various symbols, religious or not, each with its own unique meaning and significance. In this article, we will explore some of the most common symbols that are usually found in jewelry and how exactly you can wear them with style.

Evil Eye

Often found in jewelry pieces from the Middle East, the Evil Eye is a symbol that is believed to protect the wearer from negative energy and harm. In many cultures, it is commonly believed that some people have ‘the evil eye’, meaning they can inflict harm on people or even animals by looking at them. When wearing jewelry featuring the bright blue Evil Eye symbol, you protect yourself against all bad things and bring positivity into your life. To incorporate this symbol into your outfits, look for subtle yet impactful jewelry such as thin necklaces, stud earrings, or stacked bracelets that draw attention to the protective symbol.

Tree of Life

Originating from the Celtic mythology, the Tree of Life is a powerful symbol that is frequently found in Celtic and Irish jewelry. The Celts believed that trees were the source and the representation of life, having plenty of meaning like the connection between the underworld, earth, and heaven, the balance in the universe, and the strong bond between family members. A piece of jewelry adorned with the tree of life symbol like a pair of earrings or a Celtic pendant can be easily added to your outfit and makes a thoughtful present for someone in your family whom you care for.


Heart symbols represent the universal sign of love and affection, and heart-shaped jewelry is actually one of the most popular presents in the world. Although it is often used in jewelry design to represent romantic love, it can also symbolize self-love and friendship and make a great gift for a platonic friend as well. From intricate designs to classic heart shapes, wearing jewelry featuring this symbol is really easy, as it is suitable for various occasions. For instance, you can wear a charm bracelet in your daily life or get a pair of heart-shaped diamond earrings for more formal occasions.


Just like the heart symbol, the infinity one is a sign much loved by the couples, as it represents eternity, timelessness, and everlasting love. One of the greatest advantages of infinity-shaped jewelry is that it is not too imposing and can be worn even in settings where you need to follow a strict protocol. Delicate necklaces, for instance, look great when layered with other similar pieces, while promise rings featuring this symbol are very popular amongst unmarried couples who use them as a promise to spend the rest of their lives together. Other than that, the infinity symbol is also a representation of the interconnection between souls as well as everything around us, which makes this jewelry even more special and meaningful.

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