6 Evergreen Fashion Styles to Try in 2022

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While we love a trend as much as the next shopping-addicted soul, there are a handful of items we’ve come to rely on as evergreen fashion pieces. The items that tie an outfit together regardless of what’s in-season and remain as stylish as the day you bought them.

Because history likes to repeat itself, we can almost promise these items will remain stylish for years to come. From a classic camel coat to quality gold jewelry, these six fashion pieces will always be in style, courtesy of best real money pokies Australia.

A Good Quality Wallet

Wallets have long been an essential accessory for men so they can easily organize and carry bank cards, a driver’s license, identification cards, and money. Although the main purpose of a wallet is to carry items neatly in a pocket, many men also want a wallet to look and feel clean, organized, tidy, and stylish. Many kinds of wallets vary in design such as how they fold, the materials they are made from, and their size.

A Well Fitting Pair of Jeans

The combination of jeans and shoes or sneakers is a timeless fashion trend that men and women love. Almost everyone has a pair of jeans in their wardrobe that fit perfectly and look just right, however, the style of jeans depends on a person’s body type and personal preferences. Fortunately, there are a variety of styles to choose from including:

Skinny-fit jeans are tailored to provide a close fit and streamlined look.
Slim-fit jeans are similar to skinny jeans but offer slightly more space in the leg.
Regular fit jeans are an ideal fit for medium-sized men and they come with mid-rise, straight leg, and larger leg openings compared to skinny and slim fit jeans.
Tapered jeans offer a combination of skinny and straight jeans with more comfort and space around the thighs whilst the legs gradually taper into a slimmer fit.


Well-fitting jeans are usually paired with shoes for more formal or smart casual occasions whilst sneakers are most suitable for everyday activities and often look better with jeans. The color and style of sneaker you choose will depend on the color and style of your jeans or shorts, your tastes, and what activities you will do when wearing the sneakers. There are sneakers for almost every occasion and activity whether you are looking for something more luxurious, classic sports style, or casual sneakers. However, you won’t have to wear them if you intend to play games at best rated online casino as you can just go for whatever you feel like.

A Stylish Winter Coat

Some classic winter fashion trends never seem to go out of fashion such as the combination of quality winter coats and a scarf. Depending on how much you are willing to spend, winter coats should last for years with the right care. Winter coats are unlikely to ever lose their appeal as they are an essential piece of clothing for colder days. Some popular styles of winter coats are parkas, peacoats and trench coats, however, the choice of winter coat depends on if the desired look is formal or casual.

Short-Sleeved Shirts

Ideal to wear on a summer day trip or whilst relaxing on the beach during your vacation, short-sleeved shirts were originally a popular fashion trend in the ’90s and have seen a resurgence in recent times. You can find short-sleeved shirts in any style and pattern so it’s usually not a problem finding one to suit your preferences. Short-sleeved shirts are also versatile because they can be paired with either shorts or jeans for a casual look, or chinos or trousers for a more formal style.

Tailored Shorts

Some kinds of shorts can look scruffy especially when after some use such as board shorts or cargo pants, however, if you are going for the smart casual look, then tailored shorts will smarten up your attire. Tailored shorts come in a variety of colors, whether it is darker tones for a smarter look or beige tones paired with a white shirt in summer. Tailored shorts provide a more comfortable alternative to trousers at events where you want to look smart such as summer garden parties and wedding receptions.

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