Who gets the most earwax?

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There is little evidence to show why certain people get more cerumen, the scientific and medical name for earwax, over someone else; Earwax is an essential part of the human body’s bio-defences. It is in the same league as white blood cells and phlegm at being able to expel things that will make us very ill, and earwax is the antibacterial cleaning agent that makes sure the inner parts of our ear don’t get full of dead skin cells and dirt, to name but two.

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The medical community generally accepts that the amount of earwax a person produces depends on a few common factors. Firstly, if your ancestors are known for producing lots of earwax, you will likely be the same. Genetics play a huge role in our general health, and the creation of earwax is no exception to this. If you are finding that there is too much, then you should look at the Ear wax removal Cheltenham based clinic at https://www.earwax.co.uk/ear-wax-removal-near-me/cheltenham/ to give you some relief.

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Other factors include the shape and anatomy of your ear. If you have an ear that has twisted or narrower channels, it’s very likely that you will end up with clogged earwax. Age is also a big part of the issue with extra earwax. It is more likely to find younger people with earwax buildup over older people. As you get older, earwax production decreases.

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