Event Management and Tourism

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Event management might not be the easiest activity to define, especially to people who aren’t sure what an event planner does. However, it’s a much wider activity that encompasses many more things than people think but primarily concerned with connecting people. Event management can include meetings, conventions, exhibitions, festivals, charity or sporting events and parties. Another area where event management is used is in tourism.

Tourism relates to people travelling and experiencing new cultures, food, people, places and activities. Tourism can come in a lot of different forms – usual travel for holidays, sports travel, food tourism and to attend an event.

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So, where does event management fit in with tourism?

Events are a big draw for tourists. Every year, many tourists travel for a huge variety of events in a wide variety of destinations across the world. Therefore, event management can be directly involved in the development of tourism in an area.

Not many people would travel to a remote destination unless an appealing event had been arranged to take place there. The success of certain destinations in recent years has often come about due to a successful event that was planned in the area. Event management can be the trigger for a flow of visitors and travellers to a certain place. If you need help with any kind of event in your local area, consider contacting an Events Agency Dublin like davisevents.ie

Some examples of event tourism include people travelling to a spa retreat, annual concerts and music festivals, film festivals and sports competitions.

Now we can see how event management is important to tourism, tourism is also essential for event management. One example is Niagara Falls. This is now one of the most well-known and most-visited attractions in the world. However, it didn’t become this huge tourist destination until event management began to organise tours and water cruises across the river. This then led to other entertainment and accommodation centres opening next to the attraction. All of this began with a simple event.

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Events help the tourist to understand why they should visit a certain destination. Whether the events on offer are safaris, tours, cruises or theatre shows, events will attract tourists to the area.

By travelling for events, tourists can have their time filled and never feel bored at a destination. These days, a visit to an exotic country can be filled with alternating between relaxing on a beach with occasional strolls around ancient monuments and engaging in high-adrenaline activities, water activities, themed nights, safari tours, dinner shows, extreme sports and a myriad of other activities and events, planned for the sole purpose of attracting visitors to the area.


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