Great things about living away from home

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Whilst going into higher education is all about studying and getting great qualifications, it’s also about the fun and freedom of living away from home for the first time for many students.

Getting an education can include many different aspects of life and not just the academic kind. Going to Uni or college is a life-enriching experience that provides the first real taste of being an independent adult with the fun and responsibility that that brings.

Here are some reasons why you should definitely attend a college or Uni away from home:

  1. Start Afresh

Nobody knows you when you attend a college away from home. You can reinvent yourself and be whoever you want, free from any embarrassing stuff you’ve done in the past.

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  1. You have to learn stuff

You are forced to grow up fast when you realise, you’re hungry and there’s nobody to cook for you! You’ll learn to cook your own meals, do your own laundry, budget your money and get to class on time. You’ll also want to look after your accommodation or risk living in a pigsty and getting in trouble with your landlord. For the best Student accommodation Gloucester, visit studentaccommodationgloucester

  1. Make your parents proud

Being independent without wearing dirty clothes or starving are achievements that your parents will be proud of. When you begin to learn how to do stuff without needing to google it first, you’ll be pretty pleased with yourself too.

  1. Buy the food you want

Provided your budget can take it, you get to choose what to buy at the supermarket and eat what you want without anyone telling you it’s unhealthy or inappropriate.

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  1. Be exotic

If you’re attending a college in a different country, everyone will think you’re cool, exotic and fascinating. Be prepared to be asked to say certain words over and over again as people will love your accent.

  1. One chance

You’ll probably only get one chance in life to live as a student, so you should definitely make the most of it. These will be some of the most memorable years of your life.


  1. Appreciate your home

Going home for the holidays, you’ll suddenly discover how much you appreciate all the things your parents do for you. You’ll feel grateful for the little things you once took for granted, like food in the fridge, central heating and a clean bathroom! And a meal you don’t have to cook yourself? Pure bliss.

  1. New places to explore

You get to explore a brand-new town or city, discovering the best places to shop, eat and party. When you go back home, you’ll be full of wisdom about this new destination.

  1. People

At Uni or college, you’ll get to meet all manner of people – some you’ll love and wish you’d known sooner and others who will leave you losing faith in the human race. Either way, you’ll gain experience, grow to form your own opinions and grow your people skills.




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