Where to find the best vintage items

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So, you want to invest in some top-quality vintage items. Where do you look to find what you want? Quite simply – everywhere. Collectors will tell you that a wonderful find can be anywhere and to always keep your eyes open. However, let’s narrow it down a little. Hunting for antiques and vintage goods is often best achieved when you look in the following places:

Estate Sales

The best estate sales are those organised by family members as opposed to those run by estate liquidation businesses. The companies know a lot more about the items that they are selling and often price objects higher than you would find in a shop. Prices do begin to fall if items hang around, but obviously, for bagging a bargain, you’re far better off buying from a less knowledgeable member of the family. When attending a company-run sale, being first in line on day one will give you a better chance to view everything on offer, but you’re better off waiting for the next day or even the day after, as prices come down.

Car Boot Sales

It’s perhaps not as easy as it once was to find antique items at car boot sales, but not impossible. Get there early, ideally when sellers are unpacking, so you can be the first to spot any items that look promising.

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Reclamation Yards

These can be an Aladdin’s Cave of a myriad of objects, some vintage, some retro and some antique. Spending an afternoon browsing one of these yards can turn some up real treasured finds. For a Reclamation Yard Ireland, visit wilsonsyard.com


These are a very popular way to source antique and vintage goods. A great tip is to arrive early to view all that’s on offer and ensure that items you’re tempted to bid on are indeed authentic. The better the condition, the better the investment as well. Make a note of the lot numbers and keep your budget in mind when bidding starts so you don’t get too carried away in the heat of the moment. If a promising auction is being held too far, remember that you sign up to bid online at most auction houses these days.

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Charity Shops

Many people swear by second-hand shops as great places to find antiques at a bargain price. It’s best to get to know a shop well enough to find out which day of the week they add new merchandise and visit the store on that day. It can also be worth letting the staff know what kinds of items you’re seeking. That way, they may put something aside for you, if they think it fits what you’re looking for.

Antiques Shops

Any antique hunter will likely be very familiar with their nearest specialist antique store. They can be a bit hit and miss, and often price their items a bit on the high side. However, finding a good store will often result in you finding a great piece at a reasonable price to add to your collection.


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