Michael Weatherly Net Worth and Biography

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Michael Weatherly adapts perfectly anyway as one of the best talents that Hollywood has ever produced and with an impressive acting career he has seen numerous awards and nominations. It is the current face of the CBS show, Toro. Over the years, he has collected some films and performed well in all of them. In pursuit of his acting career, he deepened directing and film production and did equally well in this regard. Here you are curious about Michael Weatherly Net Worth but before that read on to discover all the spectacular facts you need to know about him.

Michael Weatherly – Biography

The NCIS actor joined the land based population July 8, 1968. Although Michael Weatherly was born in New York City, he spent his formative years in Fairfield, Connecticut. His parents are Michael Manning Weatherly Sr. and Patricia O’Hara. Furthermore, there are no details that state that the actor is the only child of his parents or that he has other siblings. He is an American of Irish origin.

As for the details of his education, Michael Weatherly attended a private school for boys for the first time; Fairfield Country Day School before moving to Brooks School, Massachusetts. Shortly after completing his high school studies, he went to Boston University, later enrolled at American University before enrolling in Menlo College. Michael’s inconsistency with his academics was the reason for his numerous transfers. Later he gave up his college education, decided to pursue an acting career.


He began his audition for various roles in filmmaking, working alongside as a musical artist. As for the music, Michael Weatherly is a skilled instrumentalist, plays the guitar, plays the piano and has also trained his voice.

While trying to choose the best solution for himself professionally, he bagged his first acting role on the show, The Cosby Show. There, he played the roommate of one of the main characters, Theo Huxtable. Although his role on the show was quite short, he was awarded another Seinfeld acting concert. Thus, he appeared in the amazing film, The City and Love.

At the speed with which these minor roles have paid off, Michael Weatherly decided to move to the city of Los Angeles with the intention of fully pursuing acting. There, he demonstrated his acting skills with a leading role in the movie Other significant starring alongside Jennifer Garner. Unfortunately, the drama series was interrupted after six episodes.

Michael’s next work on film roles was on the show, Ammaliato. He acted in the first season of the show as a Sorcerer. Furthermore, while working on the show, the actor subsequently bagged some roles in several films such as Meet Wally Sparks, Gun Shy, Cabin By The Lake, Mystery of Natalie Wood, The Last Days of Disco and Trigger Happy.

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For his incredible performances in the movie Black Angel, Michael Weatherly was nominated for the Saturn Awards and a prize for teenagers. He later appeared in JAG.

Michael was not satisfied with his work as a translator, so he went deeper into directing and producing films. He made his directorial debut in an episode of the NCIS series. Since his first work as a director with the troupe was perfect, he subsequently obtained the permanent role of director of the series. After directing the series for 13 seasons in 2016, Michael Weatherly announced his departure from NCIS. About a few months later, he announced that he would appear on the CBS show, Bull.


When it comes to marriage, love and divorce, Michael lived these three spheres of life and learned his lessons. He was once married to Amelia Heinle and was close to tying knots with Jessica Alba.

His marriage to Amelia Heinle took place sometime in February 1995 but subsequently interrupted him in 1997. Furthermore, the two played different characters in the film, The City and Love together.

During a role in Black Angel, Michael fell in love with Jessica Alba. The two initiated a relationship that eventually led to an engagement in 2001. Unfortunately, their relationship became a thing of the past after canceling it in 2003.

Currently, Michael Weatherly shares two beautiful sons with the woman he married in September 2009, Dr. Bojana Jankovic. Details on how the birds of love met and how long they came out of anywhere near the registers. The couple faced no controversy or showed signs of marital turbulence.

Michael Weatherly Net Worth

Michael Weatherly Net Worth is estimated of $45 million. Michael Weatherly is probably best known for his roles as special agent Anthony DiNozzo on the television series “NCIS” and Logan Cale on the television series “Dark Angel”.

Weatherly began his acting career with a minor television role on “The Cosby Show” as Theo Huxtable’s roommate. He then got the role of Cooper Alden in “Loving” and later, “The City”, which he played from 1992 until 1996. After moving to Los Angeles, Weatherly met director Whit Stillman, who chose him in the film of 1998 “The Last”. “Days of Disco”.

Michael also had an appearance as a Warlock in the “Charmed” series during his first season in 1998. He starred in “Dark Angel” for the two seasons on the air. In 2003, he appeared in “JAG” as special agent Anthony DiNozzo. He continued this role in the CBS TV program “NCIS”.

Do you know Michael Weatherly’s salary per episode of NCSI? It’s $175,000 and that boost Michael Weatherly Net Worth to $45 million!

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