European destinations for those traveling alone

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Traveling alone is a real cry of freedom! It allows you to discover new places and to rediscover yourself. To see everything you want, when you want. It allows you to linger in the halls of a museum, to eat late at night or in the middle of the afternoon. But what are the best European destinations for travel solo tours?

traveling alone

In the first place we find Prague, for its ease of exploration: the major attractions, in the Czech capital, are all concentrated within walking distance. On either side of the Charles Bridge you stay, you can easily reach both the Old Town and the Castle, without the need to take any means. Not to mention the chance to attend concerts of all kinds of music, in wonderful locations. Also if you are interested to visit Africa click here for Uganda visas & immigration.

traveling alone

Like Prague, even London is very easy to get around: the airports are well connected to the center, and the 270 metro stations allow you to reach every destination with great ease. In addition, London is the city of pubs and shopping, with Notting Hill topping the list of trendy neighborhoods.

traveling alone

In the heart of Switzerland, overlooking the lake, Lucerne is a city of great charm. And it is perfect for the first travel alone, thanks to its small size and the location of the train station, a few steps from the Old Town.

traveling alone

According to the Global Peace Index, Iceland is the most peaceful country in Europe. It is not an economic city, Reykjavik, but it is super safe for traveling alone and offers many possibilities to save some money, starting with free walking tours and food: the hot dog van Baejarins Beztu Pysur is so popular that you can even meet Bill Clinton or Kim Kardashian.

traveling alone

If there is a city that more than any other is continually able to evolve, that is Berlin. To visit it in every corner, in reality, would take many days: it is still a place on a human scale, this, and very full of young people with whom to make friends. Definitely, you never feel alone here.

traveling alone

Among the safest cities traveling alone in Europe, Helsinki is perfect for solitary travelers who like to take their time, and marry a slow tourism. The area overlooking the sea, then, is full of innovative places in which to taste the local cuisine, stopping to chat with people.

traveling alone

In the heart of Norway, Bergen can be a real surprise. Why is it perfect for a solo trip? Because it is intimate, collected and has a unique style: just walk along the wooden houses of Bryggen or among the stalls of the fish market to savor the whole atmosphere.

traveling alone

Dubbed “the City of Music”, Vienna is perfect for a solo trip: here you can enjoy all the taste of a Sacher cake, get lost in the corridors of the Schönbrunn Palace, or attend a show at the Opera without haste of a roadmap to be respected.

traveling alone

Edinburgh is the perfect destination for those traveling alone, but want to make friends with the locals. When to go there? During one of the many festivals that the city hosts during the year: the International Film Festival, the Jazz and Blues Festival, maybe the eclectic Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

traveling alone

With its hospitality culture, Dublin is the ideal city for a solo trip. For less than 20 euros, you can buy the Leap Card at the airport, and travel for three days on public transport in the city. The perfect solution to explore the monuments of the place – from the Cathedral of Saint Patrick to the Castle – with the certainty of being in one of the safest cities in the world.

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