How to find out your ideal job

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How to understand “What work to do?” in life is a question that, sooner or later, each of us poses along the course of our existence.

We get up early, we go to the office tired and not very motivated and we cannot wait for 6 pm. working always keeping an eye on that damn watch that runs very slowly can become a real nightmare, especially if for weeks, months and years we continue to do something that we do not like.

Understanding what work to do in life then becomes something fundamental for our happiness, if we do not want to spend all our days between depression and the tiredness of an oppressive and boring job.

How to find the perfect job? It seems strange but many people ask this question, which seems trivial, but which is actually one of the most important decisions of their lives. There are those who already know how to do something when they are younger, who transform a passion into work, who understands during their studies which path to take and those who fail to make a real choice. What to do in these circumstances? To clear the fog and make the future clearer, we offer you a small path to do to find a solution to your problem.

ideal job

1. What to do and what could help me?

Write a list of all the main activities you are able to do. Are you creative? Are you good with numbers? Are you spontaneously inclined to organize every little thing? Put all this together and look for a job that can be adapted to your personal characteristics. On the web you find many sites that offer career test that promise to help you understand what work to do in a few minutes.

 2. Methods and tasks

Obviously it makes sense to look for a job that can combine your most relevant qualifications, but it is possible that you have chosen a specific degree program for a specific reason, for example you might like writing, but not oral presentations. Take a look at jobs that can satisfy your preferences and especially highlight this in your CV.

3. Hobbies not to be underestimated

The work of your dreams could almost certainly be related to one of your hobbies. Start writing a list of the things you love to do and then look for a job that can be matched with one of your passions. If you cannot find a job like that, look for something with shades of your hobbies, an activity that even marginally can understand something you love. For example, if you like drawing, you might find a job in marketing with graphic design tasks. It would be great if you take your free career test that could solve all our problems in the workplace.

4. Type of career to be addressed

Are you attracted to challenges and hard work? When you are looking for a job, always look at the jobs that can offer career opportunities and do not be worried if this is also asked in the interviews. Look for a job with many challenges if you like to compete. If instead you love the routine, focus your attention on this particular strength.

5. Working time slot

The usual office time for a job with a standard time slot from 9 to 5 but you may be inclined to work better at different times. If you show flexibility to work outside of the classical hours, you could evaluate these parameters to find what is most suitable for you, such as freelance activities that allow you to manage your time with autonomy and method.

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