The macrame knots every beginner needs to know

As a beginner in the fascinating world of macrame, there are fundamental knots you need to grasp. Let us walk you through the crucial knots every novice should become familiar with, empowering you to embark on your macrame adventures with confidence.

Skillshare agrees that it’s well worth taking time to learn the easiest knots first.

How to Tie a Square Knot - Easy Square Knot Tutorial with Step-by-Step Photos

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The Square Knot: Your Building Block

Serving as the foundation upon which many macrame designs are built, this simple, versatile knot is perfect for crafting flat, woven patterns, such as those in a macrame kit, and is an essential skill to master.

– Begin with two cords, designating one as the working cord, and the other as the holding cord.

– Cross the working cord over the holding cord, forming a “4” shape.

– Pass the working cord behind the holding cord and through the loop created by the “4.”

– Pull both cord ends gently to tighten the knot.

– Repeat these steps, alternating between left and right leads, to create a row of square knots.

The Lark’s Head Knot: Initiating Your Macrame Endeavor

Before diving into intricate designs, you must know how to attach your cords securely to a base, such as a dowel or a ring. The lark’s head knot is your starting point for countless macrame projects, whether it’s a wall hanging, plant hanger, or any other creative endeavour such as one of the macrame kits from Wool Couture.

– Fold a cord in half, creating a loop at the top.

– Position the loop over your chosen base object, allowing the loose ends to hang below.

– Thread the loose ends through the loop, pulling them tight, firmly securing the cord to the base.

Lark's head knot larks head knot micro macrame

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Mastering these two essential knots is your key to unlocking the world of macrame. These knots will become the cornerstones of your skillset, enabling you to explore more complex patterns and techniques as you progress. With dedication and practice, you’ll soon find yourself creating intricate and beautiful pieces of your own design or through a macrame kit. So, grab your cords and start knotting!

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