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Anywhere where lots of people are in the same space together for long periods of time can be a potential germ spreading risk, and an office is no exception. As well as working in one place, in an office people will also be making and eating food and using shared toilet facilities, which means that if someone has a bug it is easy to spread it around the whole place.

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Having germs going around the office is not only bad news from a health perspective, but also from a productivity one. Having lots of staff off sick at a time can be very disruptive to the business and means that not all of the work that needs to be done will be completed when it needs to be.

Ensuring that your office is as clean and hygienic as possible is essential to healthy and happy staff as well as to a productive and successful workplace, so maintaining high hygiene standards is important for all employers.

Some of the places in an office that should be paid particular attention to when it comes to hygiene include:

Computer Keyboards – Well known for potentially harbouring more germs than the average toilet seat, a computer keyboard with all of its crevices and also being touched a lot is unsurprisingly one of the places that germs can thrive.

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Phones – Phones are not only picked up a lot, but also can be close to the mouth allowing any germs to get onto the phone. If people share phones, this then allows germs to spread around from person to person.

Office Kitchen – Where lots of people are preparing and storing food, the kitchen is another place to ensure that you pay attention if you want to keep people healthy.

So now you know how important a hygienic workplace is, what can you do to keep it as germ-free as possible?

Hire a Professional – Get a professional like this contract cleaning services Gloucestershire based company to come in regularly and give the whole office a good clean.

Have a Daily Rota – Have a rota so that everyone can ensure they keep a certain area clean.

Pay Attention to Particular Areas – Things that are touched regularly such as door handles and computer keyboards should be paid particular attention to and disinfected regularly.

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