10 Minutes For Your Health

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Laugh, take the stairs, and take a nap: sometimes it takes only a very short time to improve your psycho physical health.

To combat stress, contribute to the well-being of our body and in general, therefore, to improve our health conditions, it is enough to adopt some small daily measures, which all take less than ten minutes.

10 Minutes For Your Health

One minute: Laugh!

A laugh of sixty seconds releases endorphins and relaxes the muscles. And if you make it a regular practice, laughing often and trying to take more situations with a smile, it helps you stabilize your blood pressure.

Two minutes: Thank You!

One word can change many things: saying thank you to someone makes you feel better, but you too. Studies have shown that feelings of gratitude protect the immune system and make you sleep better.

Three minutes: How about an egg?

The eggs contain a lot of vitamin B, necessary for the functioning of the brain. In addition, it was shown that a breakfast of eggs can help you lose weight, because it increases the feeling of fullness due to the high content of protein.

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Four minutes: Take a deep breath

You do not need to be a meditation expert or a yoga teacher to enjoy the benefits of deep breathing, which oxygenates all the cells in your body. Breathe with your nose, count up to three then exhale for more than three seconds, trying to keep only positive thoughts in your mind.

Five minutes: Move!

Did you know that five minutes of exercise are enough to awaken your metabolism? Consult a personal trainer and teach fast repetitive exercises whenever you can, such as squats, jumps, abdominals and push-ups. Read more 5 Best Health Benefits of Beef Protein Snacks

Six minutes: Take the stairs

Instead of taking the elevator, always choose the stairs. It will take you a little longer, but it will help you burn calories and keep your thighs and buttocks toned.

Seven minutes: Look at the label!

When shopping, take some time to read the labels carefully, and find out if they contain unsaturated fats, too much sugar, too many calories or other ingredients harmful to your health.

Eight minutes: Organize the agenda

Plan your week so you always have at least one or two appointments dedicated to your health : a couple of sessions in the gym , a walk in the middle of nature, and why not, that check up by the doctor that you’ve been procrastinating for a long time because you never find a free moment.

Nine minutes: Preparing lunch

If during the lunch break you never have time to make a lunch as it should and always replicate on a sandwich or high calorie snacks, prepared lunch the night before so you can choose more foods healthy and nutrients.

Ten minutes: Take a nap

There’s nothing wrong with closing your eyes when you feel so tired you cannot do it anymore. Ten minutes of sleep during the day will make you feel awake and active, and improve your memory and your productivity.

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