Seven basic concepts of interior decoration

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The interior design is a creative experience that accompanies this action plan through which you visualize the possibilities of your home in terms of decor when you want to shape this puzzle that makes up the different rooms of your house. The semantic field of decoration groups a wide range of terms that professionals working in this niche dominate from their position. However, beyond having this level of expertise, anyone can know the meaning of some of these terms.

interior decoration

1. Harmony and balance

This concept shows the relationship that exists between the whole and the parts. This is one of the reasons why the creation of this harmonic result can be complex in terms of interior design since the key to success lies not only in the choice of furniture and decorative products, but also in the location of each element. Each detail must have its own meaning, that is, a reason for being. The charm of a harmonious place invites you to remain in it thanks to the influence that places produce on people.

2. Aesthetics

The view is one of the senses that offers more information to a human being. When a person observes his surroundings, he perceives stimuli that involve him as a protagonist. The main objective of the decoration is to beautify a place, improve it and perfect it.

interior decoration

3. Lighting

Light is the soul of a place that gains aesthetics and harmony from its real presence. The decoration analyzes this ingredient as a necessary good to reinforce its essence from its own identity. Lighting is crucial for the creation of an environment that connects with the functionality of an area.

4. Contrast

The decoration of a home is not a uniform line but allows the development of creativity through attractive contrasts that may have different nature. For example, the color contrast is one of the most used to highlight the visual beauty of a place. It is not the only contrast that can occur inside a house. These sensations can also be generated through an opposition of forms or textures.

interior decoration

5. Wellness

One of the most common feelings of happiness is that experienced by a person when he comes home after a day of hard work. The home becomes a welfare scenario for those who live their homes with their hearts. However, the decoration can provide this comfort through attention to the functionality of the furniture always attending to the lifestyle of the protagonist.

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6. Project of interior decoration

It is the plan of action through which a house becomes a real home for the protagonists who live there. This action plan shows the constant relationship between the totality and the particular of each detail through the definition of a style and the choice of furniture. A process of change that can not only occur when buying a property, but also, at a later stage of internal reform before the desire to update the habitual residence.

interior decoration

7. Chromotherapy

The colors are part of the visual structure of any vital stage. The colors produce an influence on the mood. Therefore, the color therapy is very present in the decoration since it is convenient to select a shade or another for a stay attending to different aspects. For example, it is convenient to choose shades that elevate creativity and concentration for an office space while it is better to select shades that invite rest for the bedroom area.

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