These are The 9 Professions with The Most Psychopaths in The World

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Can you imagine having a serial killer or a big manipulator as a table mate? In this article we show you the 9 professions with the most psychopaths in the world, according to a series of scientific investigations.

Psychopathy, roughly defined, is a combination of cruelty, lack of compassion and violence. The most extreme psychopaths can kill without remorse, that is, they are capable of mutilating their victims with ‘as much’ emotion as you and I do the dishes.

In any case, it is not easy to identify one of them. And is that they can be “simply” large manipulators, as highlighted BI.

That is why you can find many psychopaths in leadership positions, since they are charismatic people who do not fear anything and who do not follow the rules. This is the reason why they are good at making difficult decisions and taking risks. Of course, they could never engage in jobs that require empathy (such as nursing or psychology), since they are not able to put themselves in the others shoes.

Professions with The Most Psychopaths

But have you ever wondered what are the professions with the most psychopaths in the world? Attentive to this article …

9. Chef

Most psychopaths have no interest in physically hurting others, so it is not a problem for chefs to have access to knives or knives. These kinds of people thrive where other people fail, so it can be one of the reasons why they can concentrate on a noisy kitchen.

8. Religious

In a post on the Psychology Today blog, FBI agent Joe Navarro explains why there are many psychopaths in the Church. Apparently, one of the reasons is that they can take advantage of others and justify their actions. In addition, it is easy for them to obtain confidential information and use it in their favor.

7. Police

One of the most determining features of a psychopath is that they can be very calm in situations of stress. Therefore, being a police officer can be a great benefit to them.

6. Journalist

Some of the most common features of psychopaths are that they are charming, they focus a lot when it comes to achieving a goal, they are cruel and they like action. You sound familiar? These are qualities that coincide in good journalists to get information from their sources.

5. Surgeon

Research published in The Bulletin of the Royal College of Surgeons of England concluded that psychopaths have several points in common with surgeons. Experts believe that this may be because they have to be immune to stress situations such as a complicated operation or a quick decision.

4. Commercial

Probably, those psychopaths who work in sales seek to ascend the job constantly without caring what they have to do for it, such as stealing contacts from their colleagues or hurting them. In fact, they are unable to work as a team. Depending on the objectives of your company, it may turn out to be the best commercial in the world or a nightmare.

3. TV or Radio host

Some psychopaths are quite narcissistic, so they probably stand out in public professions, such as being a radio or TV presenter. In addition, this type of work needs a key quality: to be calm in moments of pressure.

2. Attorney

In Confessions of a Sociopath: A Life Spent Hiding in Plain Sight, an autobiographical work by ME Thomas, its author points out that being a sociopath has helped him to be a better lawyer since it has allowed him to have more confidence in himself and to maintain the calm in situations of stress.

1. CEO

Psychopaths have a quality called “the resilience of chaos.” This not only means that they are able to keep a cool head under stress situations, but they are also able to be charming with everyone and they are willing to do whatever it takes to get to the top. In fact, there are studies that show that 21% of CEOs are psychopaths.

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