4 Creative Techniques To Get a Job Interview

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We present a series of techniques to highlight the job selection process and get you to call for a job interview, prioritizing quality, interest and specialization in your work sector.

Before preparing a job interview thoroughly, one of the most important things is to call you for it. In a work world as global, competitive, diverse and complex as the current one, unfortunately it is not usually enough to navigate through the main platforms of online employment, write your application with a generic copy and paste and attach your CV in PDF. The key lies in the differentiation, something fundamental if we take into account that recruiters do not allocate more than 6 seconds to each curriculum.

Especially if you find yourself facing an optimal job offer, which perfectly matches your niche of specialization and for which you are sure to gather remarkable qualities, we have for you some techniques that can help you get a gap in the interview, in which You will be able to demonstrate all your worth, aptitudes, experience and knowledge, expressing throughout the same the value that you can contribute to the position and to the company. Apply a dose of creativity, strong bat and talent and you will have the best recipe to continue the selection process.

Job Interview

1) Think beyond the mere traditional curriculum

Especially if you want to join a startup or your industry is especially creative, say goodbye to the classics – and increasingly outdated – traditional curriculum in black and white. You can bet on an online portfolio, an interactive CV or an original alternative that goes through the clouds of words, online video games, comics or graphic art.

2) Create a tailored proposal for the company

Even if your resume usually reflects your prowess with companies, what employers really want to know is the concrete value that your presence will bring to your company. Try to answer that question in advance and create a plastic and dynamic presentation tailored to the specific needs of the company, providing your own specific ideas to solve them – for example, in the financial section you can suggest a cost development plan.

3) Put yourself behind the camera

Video archives are a rising format that allows you to introduce yourself, use body language in your favor, show a bit of your personality to employers and above all, synthesize through speech and various graphic elements your worth. You can embed it in your personal blog, in social networks or on YouTube, providing specific ideas for the company and including your personal data or professional social media. It is important that you transmit passion for your sector and advocate for personalized content.

4) Create your own campaign

If you want to exceed all possible expectations, you can create your own campaign by launching your own website in which you can prove that you have no rival for this position, by sending a flipbook by post to capture a project proposal or innovating with totally differentiated proposals.

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