The Eye That Sees Everything: These are The Things That Google Knows about You

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Google knows all kinds of data about you, among which are your tastes, your friendships, the trips you have made or your future plans.

You love asking for sushi on Friday nights, you’ve recently traveled to Vietnam, you love fantastic literature, you have a partner, you want to have a child for assisted reproduction, and you vote for PACMA … Google can know all this about you, from your political bias to your religious beliefs, your favorite brands or your most recurrent consumer habits.

Through its diverse applications and services, the giant of Mountain View can elaborate in a deep way and with a high degree of detail, a precise x-ray on any user and its activity in the network, in such a complete way that in the field of privacy it can turn out to be chilling.

Google Sees Everything

Not only do you use Google as a search engine, both on your mobile and on your PC, but you may also be a user of one of its applications such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Calendar or the Google Drive cloud storage service. So much so that you wonder: what does Google know about me? Through an infographic elaborated by The Best VPN we solve all your doubts.

Google knows how you perceive yourself, the diet you follow, if you have children or partners, your beliefs and your state of health. By tracking your location you can know your address, the place where you work or the different places where you have lived or where you have traveled.

Another piece of information available is who your friends are and what your tastes are in the field of books, movies, food or cultural shows, as well as your online life, some of your future plans and the basic activity of your day to day.

In the following infographic you can see where Google gets its data, what it can know about you and above all, the ways you have at your disposal to improve your privacy, navigate more anonymously and safeguard your privacy against the omnipotent search engine, which increasingly swallows more data about its users.

Google Sees Everything
Infographics | The Best VPN

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