How to pack without creasing your favourite clothes

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Thoughts turn to preparation as the holiday season begins and how to better pack so that you can take the least amount with you. This includes few tips and tricks, so we’ll teach you how to pack a suitcase here so that your clothes don’t arrive full of creases at your destination. You don’t want your Calvin Klein Menswear from EJ Menswear to be ruined.

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Use sacks of plastic

Plastic zip-top bags are perfect for when you go on holiday. For shoes and toiletries, as well as for dirty washing, you should use them. It is also be beneficial to use plastic bags to pack clothes that need to be hanging up, since they can arrive wrinkle-free.

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Folding the clothes properly.

As for many high street stores, you can strive to fold products into squares. This is the safest way for shirts to be folded. You ought to make sure you get all the buttons done up and a flat surface is used. It’s the best way to fold jumpers as well.

Clothes rolling

Rolling items such as t-shirts and denim will be a good way to ensure that items without creases arrive at your holiday destination. Rolling products also ensures that your luggage takes up less space.

Packing for the situation

Using a mix of all of the above strategies to optimise the amount of room in your luggage is the easiest way to load the case. As most hotels have these, there is no need to pack items such as travel irons and hairdryers, so limit your luggage to clothing, shoes and toiletries. Toiletries with folded clothes down the middle should be at the bottom of the container. To cover the gaps, the remaining clothing, shoes and socks should be included.

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