The Importance of Websites and the use of Social Media Marketing in Business

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There’s no doubt about it – the world we live in now is hugely influenced by the internet. Even before the pandemic of 2020 hit, high streets were starting to see falling sales as people headed online to search for bargains, and people have found communicating online to be an easy way to speak with family and friends both nearby and around the world.

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So, it is hardly a surprise that for a business to do well nowadays, it is important that they have a strong online presence. Getting a domain name such as one of these available on set up to make themselves their own area of the internet is important for the vast majority of businesses in this day and age.

During lockdown, many businesses started to realise that this was the way forward if they wanted to keep trading, and came up with fantastic new ways to use the internet that would allow them to keep on providing their product or service to customers.

As well as having a website, something else that businesses find hugely beneficial is social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to name but a few have been very successful marketing tools for businesses – it allows them to advertise products and connect with their customers in a way that was not possible before.

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The popularity of social media means that businesses are easily able to reach many people in their target market all over the world. When once marketing would be done in a local newspaper perhaps, this is a way that local businesses can get their name out far beyond their local area.

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