How To Choose The Best Display Fridge For Your Business

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Having a place to keep food cold is an absolute essential to any catering business, whether the company is a restaurant, delicatessen, pub or corner shop that sells pre-packed sandwiches. Just as the nature of the business varies, so does the range of refrigeration available on the market.

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Where food is directly available to customers, your refrigeration must be able to do the selling by allowing customers to view the product, such as a glass display. Thankfully, with the food industry growing as quickly as it is, there is plenty of choice available.


Fridges do not have to be just white any more. They now come in all sorts of colours, so they can be eye-catching pieces in their own right. Don’t be tempted to choose a unit just because of its colour, but do consider how it will tie in with the rest of the décor in your premises.

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Beautiful Display

Choose a glass door refrigerator from a specialist retailer like Fridge Freezer Direct that allows your customer to see your product. Glass doors can also work in the commercial kitchen by allowing you to organise and see ingredients and stock easily.

It’s important for customers to be able to see what’s in the fridge, and that can be as much about accessibility and where you place the fridge as visibility through the door itself, so do consider the position of the fridge in relation to merchandising the whole commercial space. It goes without saying that the contents of the fridge must look eye-catching and appealing.

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The energy efficiency should be readily available when you come to choose your unit, which will give you an indication of running costs. You should also ask about ease of maintenance and weight, to understand how easy it will be to move it around your premises.

Once you have made the choice for your business, make sure you put a service plan in place to ensure the machinery receives regular servicing and maintenance. Ace Services has some pointers on why it is so important to keep up with servicing.

Spend a little time planning what you need from your business and how best to achieve it, and do not be afraid to ask for specialist advice.

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