Deliveroo is expanding into corporate and delivery markets

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Online food delivery is a growing industry. The trend reflects the increasingly busy lives that people are leading and the blurring of the line between work and leisure. Many people are working from home, either running their own businesses or working for a company. It is not surprising, therefore, that the demand for reliable, high-quality food is on the rise.

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Fresh meals delivered to the home

Deliveroo is in the business of delivering meals to the home. The Telegraph recently reported on the popularity of home deliveries for take-away food.

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A professional service

Deliveroo is a partnership between local restaurants and a delivery service, giving people the flexibility to order food from a range of food outlets.

The scope for growing the business with expansion into corporate markets is an exciting trend for Deliveroo. In Australia, there is a move toward the corporate market, with the availability of meal delivery to hotel rooms and offices for corporate events. Another area for expansion is offering food baskets, such as snacks and fruit, to hotel rooms. This is a viable alternative to using room service and is embraced by hotel owners as it saves them time and money.

There is a dedicated team in the UK that deals with company accounts. This is the team to contact for those who are interested in getting regular food deliveries sent to the office. This may be of particular interest to small companies that do not have in-house caterers. Indeed, it is often more economically viable to use a service such as Deliveroo for all of a company’s catering needs.

Catering Supplies

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History of the Company

The Deliveroo company was set up in London in 2013 by entrepreneur William Shu, who had moved there from New York. He was surprised to find that it was not easy to get good-quality food delivered to the home and office. Since setting up the company, expansion has meant that Deliveroo is available in 100 towns and cities across the UK and employs 600 software engineers and other staff. They work with 8,000 restaurants and employ 15,000 drivers.


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