Sort Out Your Garage in One Weekend: It Can Be Done!

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Here’s a three-step guide to organising your garage in one weekend. That’s impossible we hear you cry! Honestly, it’s not. We have broken down the process into three easy steps. If you follow these through, starting on Saturday morning, we promise by Sunday evening you will be putting your feet up and congratulating yourself on a job well done.

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Step One – Remove Clutter and Get It Clean

Now is the time to be ruthless. You have to be brutal in your decluttering mission. Here we present the one-year rule. If there are things in the garage that you have not touched in a year, then get rid of them. You don’t need them. But what about that box of cables you’ve had since 2007? It’s got to go. Maintain this rule and you will continue to keep your garage clutter-free in the long term. Spend most of Saturday doing this, and you will be able to assess your needs on Sunday.

Step Two – Get into the Zone

Now it’s Sunday morning. Look at what you have now the clutter is gone. Measure how much space you have – you will need this information for step three. Now think about what you want to do in your garage. Think about your own activities and give them categories – for example, tools, wood work, metal work, gardening equipment and chemical storage. Remember, safety first. Always make sure chemicals are out of reach of children.

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Now you have your zones, it’s time to turn your thoughts to storage. Think horizontally and vertically, even above your head. There are some great garage shelving options, such as these at, to optimise space by hanging bikes off the ceiling or storing tall items (ladders) vertically.

Step Three – Storage, Organising and Setting Up

Get the right storage units and solutions to meet your needs. Make sure you have a good range of strong shelves, boxes and tubs that seal shut to store all your garage items away. Because you have measured the space, you will know what types of shelving and storage solutions will fit your garage.

Now it’s Sunday evening and your garage is sorted. Put your feet up, relax and congratulate yourself on a job well done.


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