Common mistakes made on websites

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Want the best website you possibly can to keep you ahead of the game? Then avoid these common mistakes and follow the advice to ensure maximum success for your site in 2019:


Try to avoid using flash websites. Flash, now owned by Adobe, is a program that adds lots of jazzy things like animations, graphics, videos and sound to sites. They might be tempting and look the business, but they are almost impossible to rank on search engines. Google crawlers don’t read the shockwave file that they use so your site won’t be able to rank any better on search results pages.

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Big images

All images should be optimised for the internet, including high resolution pictures. You might have a stunning image but if it’s over 3 megabytes, it will significantly slow load times. Before adding images to your site, reduce the file size to speed up your loading times.

Poor domain name

Whilst this is not a first consideration when building a site, it still has an impact depending on your content, target audience and purpose. Do some planning first and don’t choose a name that simply sounds funny or cute. A domain name should ideally contain the keywords on your website. Choose something as specific as possible, avoid hyphenating and find something that makes sense for your site.

Free templates

You can find these templates on offer everywhere but always consider functionality before deciding on design. Just because you like the way a template looks, doesn’t mean it will the right layout for your individual needs. Don’t get caught in the trap of squeezing your content into a template that doesn’t work for your purpose.

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Never be tempted to lift content or material from other sites to put on your own. Everything written on a website is copyrighted material, belonging to that website and partaking in plagiarism can land you in trouble. You can always contact an owner to seek permission to use the material or use some of the many free resources for images and content without having to worry about plagiarism.

The above mistakes are commonly made, but with some proper planning and research are completely avoidable. If it seems like too daunting a task, leave it in the capable hands of a professional web design and development agency to help you out today.


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