Wedding Photography Mistakes to Avoid

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Want to make sure you do all the right things to get the most stunning wedding photos ever? Here are some common mistakes that couples make that you’ll want to avoid:

  1. Not understanding the importance of your photographs

Weddings are costly affairs and it’s no surprise that many budgeting couples might decide to scrimp on some aspects. You might be tempted to ask a friend or family member to do it for you or pay peanuts to an inexperienced photographer. You might think that if you save on the photos then you can have a better cake, bigger flowers or more food. However, consider that you and your guests won’t remember the flowers or the cake, but they will remember seeing poor photos that don’t reflect how brilliant the day really was, don’t capture the best moments and aren’t particularly flattering!

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  1. Only hiring a photographer for the ceremony

Many couples end up regretting the fact that they only hired a photographer for part of the wedding day. Often the best and most enchanting moments are caught during the getting ready part of the day or later in the reception when everyone lets their hair down! If you’ve booked photographs for just the ceremony, you might later regret all the moments that were missed. Keep reading mother of the bride hairstyles.

  1. Not meeting the photographer until the wedding day

It is so important to meet your photographer beforehand. They might be the most amazingly talented photographer but if your personalities don’t gel then you won’t feel natural and relaxed during your photos. The best photos are captured when people are relaxed, happy and comfortable, so be sure to get to know your photographer, at least a little bit before the big day.

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  1. Booking too late

You’ve saved your money and budgeted for the very best photographer but end up disappointed when you realise you’ve left it too late and they are not available. Good photographers get booked up fast, so as you would with your chosen venue, get in quick and book as far ahead as you can. It’s no good leaving it until two months before the day and hoping they will be free.

  1. Mobile phones in photos

One major regret that couples have after the big day is not telling guests to leave their phones at home. Many shots can be ruined by guests holding up a sea of mobile phones trying to capture their own pictures. Some couples are asking for an ‘unplugged’ wedding or having a cut off point, after which guests are politely asked to put their phones away and enjoy the day without the distraction.



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