What is a Ceiling Rose?

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When it comes to interior decorating, you might have heard the phrase ‘ceiling rose’ but are not really sure what it refers to. Although there are different places to install lighting in a modern home, the most common place to provide the main lighting is at the centre of the ceiling. Since Victorian times, pendant lights have been popular. Of course, all the cables and equipment involved damages the aesthetics a bit, so ceiling roses were used to hide the fixings needed for hanging a light fixture from the ceiling.

Where there is still the need to disguise unattractive wires and fixings, ceiling roses provide an attractive decoration for a light fitting. They add an extra element to complete the decorations and tie in with other decorative plasterwork that you might have on the ceiling, corbelling or coving, for example.

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Many people neglect to consider the ceiling when decorating or redecorating. However, you may be surprised what kind of impact a ceiling can have a room, with many calling it the fifth wall. It is certainly worthy of attention and can have a huge impact on the look and feel of your home.

So, now you know what a ceiling rose is, which is the best material to use? In an older property or a period home, it is a cost-effective task to use plaster for the ceiling rose. Contemporary alternatives include polystyrene and plastic. Plaster roses are not expensive and will last for years, as long as there is no obvious trauma to the ceiling, like water damage, for example. For a wide range of ceiling roses, visit Pash Classics.

Homeowners choose to install ceiling roses because they frame the connection and create a magnificent feature out of the selected light fitting. It can make a room look instantly more glamourous and for a period property, it can set the tone just right for the history of the place. They are simple to replace should you decide on a new design in the future, require fast plaster that covers the ceiling and put in place new roses.

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A further benefit of ceiling roses is that they are available in so many different styles, from simple and modern to very impressive and ornate, which means there are designs to suit every taste, budget and space. When choosing a ceiling rose, it is important to find one that matches the size and proportions of the room. If you want one that fits into the current style or the age of your home, check to see if there are any original ceiling roses remaining on your property or perhaps in a neighbouring property which can provide you with a guide to staying original and authentic to the period of your home and any local trends that are specific to where you live.

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