iPhone Xs, the 5 key points of Apple’s latest smartphone

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After the keynote of Apple in which they saw the birth of a new Apple Watch and no less than three new iPhone, we were left many doubts in the ink about what they could and could not do the latest Apple phones.

Luckily, we have here the iPhone Xs and we can clarify all the doubts about them. What can they do? Not? What improvement compared to the iPhone X last year? These are the 5 key points of the iPhone Xs …

What it brings and what does not bring the box of the new iPhone Xs?

Apple has been quite spartan in the content of its box for years. In fact once again proves that line with the packaging of the new iPhone Xs.

We find a box that has the right content: mobile, charger, lightning cable and headphones. The charger is the “all life” charger for Apple devices, i.e. the 5V 1A 5W charger that charges the terminal, but at a rate that is far from what we see in 2018.

iPhone Xs

We return to see the headphones with connection Lighting in the pack, and we miss that Lightning adapter to jack that yes they came with the iPhone X. If you want, you have to go through the box and drop 10 dollars.

What allows (and what does not) the camera of the new iPhone?

Apple says that it has improved the HDR processing of the captures with  Smart HDR  aided by the AI. In the style of the Google Pixel or the Huawei P20, it takes several captures of the same photograph with different exhibitions and fuses them into a single photograph.

IPhone Xs allow you to change the blur level of the background (bokeh) of the photos in portrait mode a posteriori. Selfies also have that option in addition to allowing us to edit the lighting as we could already do with last year’s model. Of course, the photo was not made in portrait mode, that control will not appear.

The camera of the iPhone Xs allows to record video of 4K resolution 60 fps stabilized obtaining one of the best results of the current market. However, it does not allow to record videos in 960fps ultra-thin camera such as Note 9, Galaxy S9, Xperia XZ3 or Huawei P20. It remains in FullHD resolution and 240 fps, a mode that falls even behind the OnePlus 6 that records at 480 fps, allowing a greater slowdown.

The iPhone Xs record video in stereo and with dynamic range support extended to 30 fps. However, it can not record surround sound or HDR format, which is what Xperia XZ2 and XZ3 phones do, for example.

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What the Apple A12 Bionic processor is capable of?

The SoC of the iPhone Xs is the  A12 Bionic and its processor marginally improves performance of the A11 Bionic and has a lower consumption. It has 6 cores of which 2 are high performance and 4 more efficient. It is CPU improvement, but it is not by far the most outstanding of this chip.

iPhone Xs

The A12 Bionic GPU does get a 50% performance improvement over the Bionic A11 and it is here where users who play Fortnite or demanding games will notice that bonus.

And finally and where this chip really beats its predecessor is the Neural Engine. It is the dedicated part of the SoC for artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is compatible with the CoreML platform and is up to 9 times faster than in Apple A11 Bionic.

Continuous design in front of the iPhone X, yes, in two sizes

The iPhone XS is aesthetically very similar to the iPhone X, both in dimensions and in physical characteristics. In fact Apple has stopped selling the iPhone X as soon as this new family has reached the market.

It has a body with front and back glass with an unibody aluminum internal structure. The sides of it have a shiny metallic finish and we were surprised by the good grip it offers.

The iPhone XS mounts a screen with notch of 5.8 inches while the XS Max reaches 6.5 inches being the largest iphone that has seen the light and surely the mobile top range with diagonal screen larger than this 2018. They continue in their line of not offering minijack connector and in this year, in addition, they no longer offer free in the box lightning adapter to minijack.

iPhone Xs

In summary, the iPhone XS family is a renewal rather than hardware design of the iPhone X giving the public the option to buy it with a larger screen with the Max model.

iPhone Xs Max, with Max’s size, no features

The iPhone Xs Max is bigger than the iPhone Xs, but not better except in autonomy for logical reasons of more space for the battery. According to Apple, the iPhone Xs gets 30 minutes more use in front of the iPhone X while the iPhone Xs Max reaches 1h30 minutes more.

No differences in camera, they still have a pack of double rear camera 12 Mpx f / 1.8 and 12 Mpx f / 2.4 telephoto 2X. The front is 7 Mpx f / 2.2.

In terms of software (iOS 12) and performance (the same A12 Bionic) it coincides so that we are really facing the same mobile but with a larger physical size that maintains the same pixel density on the screen.

The truth is that we are already doing the technical analysis in depth of the new iPhone Xs Max, and soon we will bring you our opinion on all sections of this mobile. It is not a breakthrough or a great innovation as we saw last year with the iPhone X, but it is a continuous improvement with which Apple intends to repeat the success of it.

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