5 Android Functions That You Will Not Find On an iPhone

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Every time we can do more things on our smartphone but, depending on the operating system we use, we can enjoy some functions or others. Today we bring you 5 Android features that you will not find on an iPhone – without opening a debate about which one is better.

For tastes, colors – and operating systems too. There are some users who prefer to use an Android phone, while others are loyal to Apple and its iPhones.

Both in iOS and Android we can find very advanced functions nowadays, but the truth is that they are not always the same. In an Android phone we can do things that we cannot do with an iPhone and vice versa.

Android Functions

Today we are going to focus on some of the functions offered by Android phones that you will not find in an iPhone, without entering into a debate about which is better.

Multiple users and guest profile

An interesting feature of Android is that we can add different user accounts (as in a computer) and even a profile for guests. This way you can leave your phone to others without worrying about hiding your deepest secrets.

Customize the home screen to another level

In Android we can not only move the apps and put them in folders as in iOS, but we can rearrange the home screen completely by adding widgets with important information. There are also third-party apps that allow you to go much further by changing the size of icons, among others.

Default Apps

In Android you can choose which apps you want to run by default: from the browser that will open all the links, to the keyboard or the photo app. Also, once you choose you can change it again in the future. In iOS instead you can download alternative apps but you cannot set them as the default option.

Lock screen with information

In the latest Android phones you can configure it so that the information regarding notifications, time, battery level, among others, is always shown in the lock screen. You can also deactivate it if you want and, in certain devices, even establish what time you want it to be displayed.

Split screen mode

From Android 7.0 Nougat we have the possibility to use the split screen mode comfortably, allowing us to operate with two apps at once. While in iPad if we have this feature, in iPhone we can only do this with external apps.

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