Success is Dangerous: The stars who have ruined their careers and life

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MONEY, FAME, SUCCESS! The celebrities have the world at their feet, dozens of people at their service and millions of fans ready to idolize them.

But being a star often has a dark side of the coin.

A world made of drugs, alcohol, addictions. There are many VIPs who do not resist the pressures of the spotlight and slip into a tunnel from which they can no longer exit. And if for some this has even led to death, for others it has meant saying goodbye to the dreams of glory and accepting the decline.

Here you discover the talented stars who have ruined their careers and life …

Lindsay Lohan

Success is Dangerous

The actress’s career began when she was still a young girl. Always considered a child prodigy, Lindsay began acting in several films, especially Disney. Over the years, the star has proved to be a good singer, but with the increase of fame the problems have arrived too. Lindsay entered the drug and alcohol tunnel, sending her career up. After having also had trouble with justice, Lilo was forced to detoxify herself and dedicate herself to socially useful work. Last year she tried to revive her image with a reality show that followed in the recovery period, but the show did not have the desired success.

Macaulay Culkin

Success is Dangerous

There is no person on the face of the earth who has not seen at least once “Home Alone” and does not know Kevin McCallister, the child who can run away the thieves of the Christmas holidays. Unfortunately, however, the little star could not stand the incredible notoriety that the role gave him. The money earned became a source of confrontation with the parents and from there the problems with drugs and alcohol began. His behavior has pushed Hollywood producers away from the industry. Macaulay gave himself to music, but with poor results.

Courtney Love

Success is Dangerous

There was a period in which the singer tried to get away from the label of “Kurt Cobain’s widow”, coming to success with the Hole and with some cinematic appearance. But the problems with drugs, alcohol abuse and legal vicissitudes with her daughter have always come to the surface. For many, Courtney is the cause of heroin dependency that drove the leader of Nirvana to suicide and little effort was made to try to change her life.

Amy Winehouse

Success is Dangerous

When in 2007 it achieved worldwide fame with songs such as “Back to Black”, “Love Is a Losing Game” and “Rehab”, many praised the birth of a new generation of soul voices. For the singer, however, it was the beginning of the end, due to drugs, alcohol and eating disorders. Her untimely death, which took place in her London home in 2011, was an announced tragedy for many.

Charlie Sheen

Success is Dangerous

Until a few years ago, the actor was at the top of the highest paid TV charts. Although his life has always been in the limelight as a son of art, Charlie has achieved the height of popularity with “Two and a Half Men”, the television series for which he has come to earn over one million dollars a month. His problems with alcohol, however, have never abandoned him and are thought to have been the cause of the unacceptable behavior for which in 2011 he was fired with immediate effect by Warner Bros and replaced with Ashton Kutcher.

Tiger Woods

Success is Dangerous

Until a few years ago, the golf champion had the world at his feet. Thousands of fans around the world, advertising contracts and personal sponsors made it one of the richest sportsmen on the planet. Then one day his life is turned upside down after Woods admits he had an extramarital affair. Since then, dozens of women told gossip magazines that they had a story with him and his image of a loving husband and father was shattered, as were his contracts.

Corey Monteith

Success is Dangerous

For the actor, notoriety acted as a sounding board for his inner demons. The star of “Glee” started to use drugs when he was only 12 years old. At 16 he left school. At age 19 he decides to ask for help from his mother who takes him to a clinic to detox. At 27, the role of life in the “Glee” musical series arrives. In April 2013 he was re-admitted to a rehabilitation center, from which he left less than a month later. In July he was found dead in a hotel room in Vancouver. Fatale was yet another mix of drugs and alcohol.

Michael Jackson

Success is Dangerous

The King of Pop has never had a simple life. The notoriety has overwhelmed him when he was still a child and he performed with his brothers in the days of Jackson 5. For many the missed childhood was the cause of the numerous problems of the singer, from depression to the abuse of medicines. To all this were added the accusations of pedophilia and media fury, which have disturbed the already precarious emotional security.

Axl Rose

Success is Dangerous

It was not sex, drugs and rock’n’roll that ruined the career of the Guns N’Roses leader, but his disproportionate ego. The coup de grace then came with the attacks of anger in public and with the complaint for ill-treatment received by the ex-wife. The band’s decline went hand in hand with that of its frontman and with the simultaneous rise of a new musical genre that revolutionized the nineties: grunge.

Heath Ledger

Success is Dangerous

When we talk about successful stars, who have ruined their lives, the thought goes immediately to the actor. In his career he has played all sorts of roles, grappling with comedies, action films, dramas or thrillers and becoming one of Hollywood’s most multifaceted stars. His talent, however, was not able to defend him from himself. In 2007, Heath told the New York Times that he suffered from insomnia (he slept two hours a night) and used drugs. Just a cocktail of drugs was fatal to him a year later.

Boy George

Success is Dangerous

In the 80s his Culture Club was one of the most popular and acclaimed bands. Even today successes such as “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me” and “Karma Chameleon” are danced in clubs all over the world, but the singer has not been able to stand the shock wave of fame. Because of drug problems and vicissitudes with justice, Boy George has turned his career as a pop star. Today he is a DJ.

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