Nine Hollywood Stars For Whom Tragedy Crossed The Screen

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They have triumphed in music and in movies and smiled at the world, but they carry stories that have marked them forever. We review the most impressive cases …

1) Sofia Vergara

Hollywood Stars

The smile before the tragedy Vergara (Barranquilla, Colombia, 1972) is the epitome of explosive and happy Latina, comedian with an eternal smile and guarantee of high audiences and laughs assured in the American talk shows. But behind the smile there is a story of family suffering that drove her away from her country of origin. In 1998 her older brother, Rafael, was shot to death in Barranquilla. Little is known today about who did it, but it is believed that it could have been a local mafia group. After this, Sofia went with her son to live in Miami to be more secure. It was not her only family concern: in 2011 another brother of the comic actress, Julio, was deported from the United States for crimes that would have to do, according to the authorities, with his addiction to drugs.

2) Keanu Reeves

Hollywood Stars

The beautiful tormented Reeves (Beirut, Lebanon, 1964) is one of the most enigmatic actors in contemporary cinema. A quality that has exploded and has served to win the admiration of millions of admirers who appreciate its tormented beauty. In 1999, the torment was real. His girlfriend, Jennifer Syme, gave birth to the daughter they expected, but was born dead. The pain that caused this fact caused the couple to break up a few weeks later. Shortly after, in April of 2001, Reeves was preparing the shooting of two sequels of ‘Matrix’ when he learned that Jennifer had suffered a traffic accident in Los Angeles after which she was fired from her car and died instantly. He has not remarried or had more children. When in 2010 that Keanu meme triumphed sitting and sad in a bank, the meme had a real tragic background.

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3) Charlize Theron

Hollywood Stars

The hardest childhood in Hollywood Beautiful, talented and with a stormy past. Theron (South Africa, 1975) saw in 1991, when she was a teenager, as her father, Charles, came drunk home and, from the door, threatened to kill her and her mother, Gerda. He physically attacked his mother. This, in self-defense, killed him with a shot. No charges were brought against the mother to prove that she had done so to defend her life and that of her daughter. A few years later, Charlize would leave her home to try to succeed in Los Angeles. And although it cost her, by the end of that same decade she was already one of the great promises of cinema. Today Theron has two children, a boy and a girl, both adopted.

4) Roy Orbison

Hollywood Stars

Talent and loss when in 1988 the interpreter of ‘Pretty Woman’ died of a heart attack with only 52 years seemed to end with a last misfortune a life always marked by tragedy. Orbison (Texas, 1936) enjoyed enormous success in the early sixties with luminous rock themes but with a pessimistic background that conquered the public, but his career and personal life would turn around in the second half of that decade. In 1966 his wife, Claudette, died in a motorcycle accident. Orbison himself was driving, but he was saved. Two years later, in 1968, he met another woman, Barbara, whom he fell in love with. But very soon after two of his children (Roy, 13, and Tony, 8) died in a fire at his home in Tenneessee while Orbison was in England. Orbison did not raise his head musically until many years later, in the late eighties, when he regained his fame and began to play again on the radio and reap new successes. In addition, he married Barbara and had another son, also called Roy. Apart from him, Orbison survived the other two children he had with Claudette and did not die in that fire. Last December the three published a book paying homage to his enigmatic and reclusive father.

5) Marlon Brando

Hollywood Stars

The broken family of the best actor in the world the best actor of his generation, the immortal sex symbol and the patriarch of a damn family from the beginning. Marlon Brando (Nebraska, 1924 – Los Angeles, 2004) had to see in the last years of his life how his ancestry was falling apart. In 1990 his son Christian shot and killed his sister Cheyenne’s boyfriend (and father of his six-year-old son) after the two had an argument. Cheyenne, daughter of Brando with Tarita Terúpia, a Polynesian actress, was Brando’s favorite daughter and had always had problems with instability and drug addiction. After that episode she tried to commit suicide several times. Finally, she ended her life in 1995, while her brother Christian was still serving time in prison for the murder of her partner. Brando continued to make brief film roles, but became an inmate until his death in 2004. It could be said that his curse survived him: his son Christian, who was released from prison for the murder of his brother-in-law in 1996, died in 2008, aged only 49, due to the complications of pneumonia.

6) Jim Carrey

Hollywood Stars

The frozen grimace Carrey (Ontario, 1962) is the king of the grimace, as beloved as he is hated by comedy lovers but, in any case, one of the highest paid actors in the history of cinema. In 2012 he started a relationship with the Irish make-up artist Cathriona White, which lasted a few months and ended up being resumed in 2015. In September of that year, the relationship ended again. A few days later, on the 29th of that same month, Cathriona took her own life in what seemed like an overdose of pills. In her Twitter account she left a message that was later interpreted as a farewell: “I leave Twitter, I hope I have been a light for my relatives and my loved ones”. A shattered Jim Carrey transported her coffin during her funeral. Cathriona was only 28 years old.

7) Kelsey Grammer

Hollywood Stars

The comedian who lives with pain Grammer (Virgin Islands, 1955) played for years the most famous psychiatrist on television, Frasier Crane, first in ‘Cheers’ and then in his own series, ‘Frasier’, and became one of the best paid comics of television . But as is sometimes the case, the comedy had a tough family history behind it. When he was 13, his father (who had divorced his mother when Grammer was two years old) was killed outside his house after a fight with a man who burned his car. Seven years later, when Grammer was 20, his sister Karen (18) was kidnapped, raped and murdered by Freddie Glenn, an assassin who was blamed for four more deaths with the help of his accomplice Michael Corbett. It was Kelsey who had to identify the corpse of his sister. Five years after that, in 1980, his two little brothers, Billy and Stephen, died while diving. According to the actor has reported in some interviews, all these facts left important marks on him and led him to develop a drug addiction for some years.

8) Jennifer Hudson

Hollywood Stars

The tragedy that the world lived live the whole world lived live the tragedy of Jennifer Hudson (Chicago, 1981), who rose to fame for participating in the contest ‘American Idol’ and later won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for ‘Dreamgirls’ (2006). On October 24, 2008, at the height of her success, her mother Darnell (57) and her brother Jason (29) were found dead in the house where Darnell lived with his daughter (and Jennifer’s sister) Julia Julia’s son, named Julian and 7 years old, had disappeared. Three days later, after a frantic search, his lifeless body was found in Chicago. The police arrested William Balfour, Julia’s husband, for the murder of the three family members. The whole world lived the search for the little one and the pain of Hudson, who retired from public life until January 2009.

9) Dylan McDermott

Hollywood Stars

A wound closed 40 years later in 2012 the actor Dylan McDermott (Connecticut, USA, 1961) made headlines in the press around the world and was not due to his recent participation in the first season of ‘American Horror Story’, although it was due to something that could be part of a plot of that series. In February of 1967, when McDemott was only six years old, his mother was shot dead in the head. When this happened he was out of the family home in Connecticut. His mother’s boyfriend, a gangster with problems of drug addiction named John Sponza, had thrown little Dylan out of the house. Due to the lack of witnesses (Dylan, being outside, saw nothing) the death was described as accidental. John Sponza was never convicted and died soon after, in 1972. But after the case was reopened, interviewing protected witnesses who knew Sponza and read police reports and press releases of the time, the police concluded in 2012 that McDermott’s mother had indeed been murdered by her boyfriend. A fact that did not return to his mother, but that made at least the actor could close a wound of more than forty years.

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