Buying Guide: Practical advice for buying a violin

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The violin is one of the most melodious instruments, able to fascinate even the children. Like the guitar and the piano, the violin is the instrument that represents for many artists the maximum level of expression and as you well know, the only way to fill this need is to take the instrument and the bow and start playing.

The choice of the violin to be purchased requires a lot of attention. For this reason we have decided to give you some practical advice that will help you make the best choice for you.

How to buy a violin? Practical advice

Here we are, finally you decided to buy your first violin! You have already jumped into your favorite music store and checked all the available models. Maybe you checked out some online sites looking for the perfect violin to start playing. But nothing, you have not been able to make a decision and no model has particularly struck you.

Yes, buying a violin is not a simple task, especially when you do not know the useful elements to make the best choice. Since it is a valuable and often very expensive tool, relying on chance is not the best thing to do. This is why we have decided to give you some practical advice based on our experience in the sector, just as we do with our customers.

buying a violin

To choose which violin to purchase, we suggest you check  …

  • The wood used to make the instrument body: Tradition has it that the violin is made from the heart of the tree, with a single piece of wood that has been aged for at least 30 years. The price of these tools is very high and not everyone can afford such an expense. In some cases it is possible to find less valuable models, made of plywood, accessible to everyone.
  • The stability of the components: To understand it, just move the violin slightly: all the parts must be firm and you will not have to hear strange noises coming from inside. Also check that the pegs adhere perfectly to the instrument, even better if they are made of wood to keep tuning longer.
  • The aesthetics of the instrument: Would you ever play an instrument you do not like? If you are undecided between different models of violin choose the one that strikes you the most.
  • The sound quality: Each violin produces a different sound based on the mix of all the elements that compose it. The same instrument, after many years, produces different harmonics based on how wood is aged. Also in this case the choice will have to fall on the harmonic quality that best meets your needs.

And if you still do not know which violin to buy you can always ask for advice from your music teacher!

Buying a violin: Which model to choose?

First of all it is important to reflect on your level of preparation. If you are already good at playing you can think of buying a different violin than a novice student. There are several models: some reserved for newbies, others more complex and expensive.

There are so many violins for those who start to study the instrument that, while cheap, meet excellent quality standards.

Let’s start with a basic model, the violin for Mavis students: a practical and convenient solution for all the fans looking for a tool to learn how to play. It is a violin made of quality materials and enriched by special finishes that make it even more harmonious.

The Mavis brand offers other more professional and refined models. Among these we recommend the model of violin with frame in natural antiqued wood. The sound produced by this instrument is warm and full-bodied, rich in harmonics and nuances that will enhance your passion for stringed instruments.

Finally, we cannot recommend one of the most modern and innovative models: the Yamaha SV 130 violin! It is the perfect tool for all violinists, from the most expert to beginners, thanks to its ease of use. Its unique and refined design allows you to appreciate even more this particular musical instrument.

And if you want to focus on something totally exclusive, we recommend the Stradivari violins!

Are you curious to discover other violin models? Then visit the online shop, choose the one that you are most passionate about and … let yourself be guided by your instinct.

Good music!

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