How to succeed in what you do?

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Is there a certain way to succeed in life? We have collected the rules and the best practices to improve ourselves in life and to succeed in family, among friends and at work.

Many people believe that to be successful it takes luck and that, if you are unlucky, there is nothing to be done. Surely being lucky helps, but there are a whole series of things you can do, both on a practical and organizational level and on a psychological level, to take the right path that leads to success. Below we want to show you a short guide to success in life. Then if you will also have luck, so much the better.

The First Rule To Be Successful: Set Goals

First of all, to succeed in life you need to understand what is meant by success. The meaning of success is certainly subjective, in fact, there are those who think of success because they want to become a famous singer with millions of fans, and those who want success such as being able to get the job of their dreams and maybe make a career.

To succeed in life and work, the first rule to follow is to clarify the ideas with ourselves, then understand what we want to do and what is the ultimate goal to be achieved. Once you’ve done this, you can move on to a series of things to do to reach your goal!

How to succeed

Plan Success in Small Steps

With a long-term goal in mind, you can start planning your success through small intermediate steps.

To continue with the example of the successful singer with millions of fans, you must first set a time of day when you dedicate yourself to coaching your voice and singing. You can then fix another small intermediate goal that is to organize a small performance every month, maybe in a club, or put on a band that can do traveling shows. Another step towards success could be the intermediate goal of recording the first album and publicizing it, and so on.

This way of doing has two important advantages. The first is to avoid becoming frustrated. Because the road to success can be long, getting no results for months can weaken your enthusiasm. Reaching small goals, however, will keep your morale high. Another advantage is that we do not disperse energy along the way. Having a long-term plan with intermediate goals will allow you to focus on the road to success and things to do to get it. As these intermediate goals are achieved, you approach the final goal you set at the beginning.

Finding a mentor to succeed

Many successful musical groups have started opening the concerts of the great stars. In practice they performed on stage before the star so thousands of people were waiting. For them it was a great opportunity to be known by a large audience, and to weave relationships with the great stars of the moment. This same process can also work for all other contexts.

Find a mentor, someone in the field where you want to be successful that can accompany you on your journey. We are not talking about recommendations or shortcuts, but simply ask those who are already in the field contacts, information and directions to be taken. Generally if you ask someone for help, no one will deny you because it costs them nothing, and you will earn your esteem forever.

Mental Attitudes To Be Had To Achieve Success

If it is true that success is always something measurable through a number like “how much follower I have on social networks”, “how much I earned this month” etc., the road to success is made up of many things that are not tangible or measurable like attitude towards life.

We see some behaviors and attitudes that can lead to success in life and work more easily …

  • Be optimistic to succeed: A positive attitude helps you succeed. It would seem trivial, but it has been shown to work: it is called “self-fulfilling prophecy.” In practice, if you believe in something then it means that you are predisposed to success, then implement a series of behaviors, even unconsciously, that surely they will help you reach your goal. On the contrary, if you are negative and pessimistic, it will be more difficult for you to succeed.

Obviously, this will not prevent you from incurring errors and even temporary failures. Being positive, though, will help you get up and continue without being there crying. The road to success is also made of falls, and all successful people will be able to tell you many of their failures, but in the end they got up and persevered with optimism. Do not forget, finally, that everything must be in the right measure. Being sure of yourself is fine, being a bit less narcissistic, also because it can be a bit of a risk to alienate many people and, as we will see now, social relationships have a great role to succeed;

  • To succeed by increasing social relationships: We live in a social world, where communication and personal relationships are all, or almost so. As much as you take it for granted, however, it is always good to underline that to succeed you must also cultivate social relationships, and that it is difficult to get anywhere on your own. Having and broadening relationships with those in the field in which you want to excel can only help.

There are many advantages: first of all, if you already have people in the field, when an opportunity presents itself, it will be easy for them to think of you and you. Not only that, these people will give you advice and suggestions, but also be the people to inspire you and why not, to challenge. Healthy competition can be a great incentive to make you give the best of yourself and know the levels you can reach.

As you can see, the road to success can be long, but it is absolutely unreachable and above all it does not depend on luck. With your strength and with some time, we will soon hear about you.

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