How to choose music for wedding? Live or DJ!

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Music, an essential setting for celebrating every event. And how do you imagine organizing a wedding and not thinking about the type of music for wedding that will accompany the various moments of the day?

The doubt that normally marries future spouses at this point is: who to choose? Would it be better to rely on a live set or a DJ?

Of course, the important thing is to follow your preferences, but you can do it by following some advice and always keeping an eye on your wallet.

How to choose music for wedding

The choice of the right music for the wedding is part of the well-known and long list of things to do in view of the most beautiful event of your life and therefore must be chosen and booked in time, as well as the dress, the favors, the flowers and away saying. But how to orient yourself? Is it better to choose a DJ accompanied by entertainers or a jazz trio / folk quartet that sounds and sings strictly live?

First of all, we remind you that there are different ways to celebrate during the wedding: traditional weddings involve real marathons with dances and songs after each course, while the more modern and minimal ones concentrate the time of lunch / dinner in a couple of hours for then engage in celebrations while waiting for the cake to be cut. Here, too, the final decision is reserved only to spouses, but planning the different phases of the wedding as soon as possible will also help in choosing the type of music to book.

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1. Music for wedding: The DJ / Singer

The most common choice is that of the DJ / Singer in piano bar style. The reason? First of all because it is versatile and able to adapt to all phases of the reception:

  1. a) The initial phase of the welcome cocktail, waiting for the bride and groom to arrive on location;
  2. b) The phase of lunch (or dinner), during which moments of dance and entertainment alternate with moments of quiet background to allow guests to eat and chat;
  3. c) The moment of cutting the cake, in which usually the soundtrack is represented by the most significant and important songs for the spouses.

The DJ has a wide musical repertoire, which usually ranges from the 60s to the present (alternating various genres), and very often is accompanied by another voice (perhaps in a male / female pair to be able to interpret the duet covers).

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Secondly, the choice of the DJ is the most suitable for particularly exuberant guests, who love to dance, sing karaoke, go wild in group dances and, above all, “harass” the singer with the classic personal requests, to dedicate to his wife perhaps.

Entrusting entertainment to a DJ / Singer usually means also ensuring animators to organize dances, trains and quadrilles and in particular a baby sitter to supervise and entertain children, with tailor-made activities, games and workshops for them.

Very important, if you opt for the choice of the DJ / singer do not forget to make sure that he has all the equipment necessary to work (in order to avoid finding an extra item in the budget for the rental of the service). Make sure that the quote includes every possible item: you will avoid unpleasant final surprises.

2. Music for marriage: the live band

A more original but also more sought after and expensive choice is the one that sees the protagonists of musical entertainment as a jazz trio or a complex blues. In this case we are faced with a real orchestra that will clearly propose its own repertoire in line with the chosen musical genre.

The most skeptical will be able to think that it is a static entertainment and a bit boring yet there is to guarantee that it is not at all like this: there are groups of a surprising skill, able to enchant and involve the guests and to leave a pleasant I remember in the memory of the guests.

Swing, sax and violin dances : this type of wedding music is ideal for example for an evening reception , perhaps with dinner on a terrace overlooking the sea in the middle of summer or if you already know you have invited a small circle of friends and relatives and if you want your wedding to be very intimate and private.

To contact a group of this kind, you can contact the agencies of your city that specialize in providing this type of services or if you know one in particular (perhaps because seen at a friend’s wedding) you can contact them making them present through word of mouth. If the proposal comes from the agency but you don’t know the artists it will be good to ask for a video or a demo of their performance to be sure that both the style of the singers and the type of music are in line with your wishes.

The voice music for marriage must have a place of honor in the planning of the event and in your budget. Trying to save as much as possible from this point of view is an obligation, but to think of being able to take care of it yourself is impossible that day. If you are lucky enough to have a family member or a singer friend, then it will be one of the most welcome wedding gifts.

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