What preventative maintenance should you be doing on your car?

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For most of us nowadays, we’d be lost without our car, so carrying out some routine maintenance that will help keep it in good working order and help spot potential major problems sooner rather than later is a great idea. This is especially important in the run up to your annual appointment at  MOT Gloucester company such as swiftfit.uk.com as you want to ensure that your car doesn’t fail on something simple like a broken light or windscreen wiper blade when you could have easily changed these beforehand.

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But what should you check and when?

One of the best ways to keep your vehicle in good working order is to read the manual and stick to the advised schedule of maintenance. It sounds simple but many of us don’t do it, yet we wouldn’t dream of setting up a new TV without reading the instruction manual first.

If you have a warranty with your vehicle, there may be certain things that you need to do to keep it valid. There are many ways in which you can unwittingly void your car’s warranty, Parkers offers some advice.

So, what things should you check? Most people know to check their oil, water and tyres on a regular basis, but what about your battery? A lot of newer cars don’t need much doing with them, but you should at least know where it is and have a quick look every now and then to make sure you can’t see any fluids leaking from it. If you don’t want to do it yourself, a car battery supplier will do this for you. If you do need to replace your battery, speak to a supplier who can advise you on the right one for your vehicle and also fit it correctly for you.

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Other things to check include your wiper blades – when they start to make your windscreen streaky, they need replacing.

Filters and spark plugs are other parts you should check and replace if necessary. Spark plugs will generally last about 30,000 miles and are quite straightforward to change yourself if you follow the manufacturer’s guide.

Get an app

Now you know what to check, how are you going to keep a record of what you’ve done and when? As with most things nowadays, there are plenty of apps to help you do this. Available for both iOS and Android, some are free and there is a small charge for others. As well as keeping a record of checks you’ve made, you can also record work carried out at a garage or main dealer.

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