What do you Need to Know About Combi Boilers?

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Nearly three-quarters of British households have a combi boiler, so if you’re thinking about a new boiler, it’s definitely an option you should consider. With a combi boiler, you get a central heating boiler and a very efficient water heater together in a single package.

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Combi boilers are always on standby to heat hot water when you need it. They don’t need a hot water tank. When you turn on the hot tap, they simply heat the water there and then before sending it to the tap. This can make them cheaper to run because there’s no waste of hot water, as you can get with a tank.

Combi Boilers Vary Greatly in Size

Some combi boilers are designed to provide water for several bathrooms or are installed in very large properties. Others are for use in a small flat with one or two occupants. Naturally, the size and power of the boiler you opt for will influence its cost. If space is really tight, the dimensions of the boiler may be the key deciding factor. However, just make sure that the boiler has enough power to heat the whole house.

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A Boiler Installation Forest Of Dean company at sites including greenplanetheating.org say it is thankfully straightforward to get a new boiler through them, as there is expert help at hand to advise on the boiler size you will need.

What’s the Lifetime of a Combi Boiler?

This is a difficult question to answer because it depends on the make and how the boiler is used and maintained. However, the consensus appears to be that 10-15 years is average, while 30 isn’t uncommon. You can get a boiler with a guarantee, usually for ten years, which will give you peace of mind during that period.

Remember that if you are a landlord, you must obtain a gas safety certificate if you have a new boiler installed. The Health and Safety Executive has a comprehensive list of questions and answers on gas safety for landlords.

Combi boilers are popular because they are extremely energy-efficient, which reduces gas bills. They also take up less space than older-style boilers, and they don’t need a hot water tank. This can sometimes free up space that can then be used for much-needed extra storage. All in all, they offer a number of advantages over other types of boiler.

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