What a Cat can do for you.

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“I love Cats”, says the Big Bang Theory’s Amy Farrah Fowler, “They are the epitome of indifference!” But, is that strictly true? There is a lot that a cat can do for you. They may not be as obedient as a dog and you can’t take them out for a walk (although some people do!) our love of cats and their love for us is as strong as ever. If you have a cat and you need to leave them for a while then you’ll want them to be taken good care off.  A Cattery Cheltenham way  like https://www.catterycheltenham.co.uk/ should be you first port of call. Here are some good reasons why we like to have cats around.

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  1. They help us have healthy hearts.  You might not think it when they get themselves in to a scrape but it is scientifically proven that cats will lower your stress levels and the chance of you getting heart disease and a stroke by as much as thirty percent.
  1. The healing power of the purr. You probably know that a purring cat is a happy cat but did you know that this sound can help mend bones and tendons? Apart from the sense of wellbeing they create in us the purr’s vibrational frequency can speed up the healing of joints after an injury.
  1. Getting a good night’s sleep.  You might well find that your sleeping partner snores or moves about at night. A cat makes a much better sleeping companion as the chances of disturbance are greatly reduced and the cat’s presence creates a calming feeling.

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  1. Increase your pulling power (men only apparently). Single guy looking for a lady? Studies suggest that you should get a cat. The staggeringly high figure of ninety percent of women says that they would be more likely to date a man with a cat as they appear more caring.
  1. It means fewer allergies in your children. Introducing a cat to your children at a very young age will increase their resistance to not only the cat allergies but also dust, mites and grass.
  1. Lots and Lots of fun! To be honest you don’t even need to own a cat as their antics are all over the world of Youtube where there are plenty of videos of the adorable little beasts doing cute, funny and crazy stuff. However, it’s a much better idea to actually own one and there are plenty of adoption agencies out there with cats waiting for a forever home.


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