Unusual Wedding Theme Ideas

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Looking for a unique wedding theme idea that hasn’t already been done a million times? If you’re a quirky couple looking for a day with a difference, then here are some of the more unusual wedding theme ideas that will appeal to your adventurous side:

Harry Potter

If you’re both Harry Potter mad, then what could be better than a Hogwarts-style affair for a truly magical wedding? With chocolate Golden Snitches for wedding favours and bouquets made from pages from the novels, these are just some of the ideas that other Harry Potter themed weddings have included.

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For laid back couples who love spending their summers on a tour of Britain’s great festivals, this idea will surely appeal. Think yurts, tipis, bunting, live music and al fresco dining surrounded by hay bales, balloons and a real rustic, country feel. This is a perfect theme to have at a Wedding Venue in Gloucestershire.

Dr Who

Dr Who fans everywhere will love this wedding idea. Why not you’re your ‘something blue’ a replica of the Doctor’s iconic Tardis? Include a sonic screwdriver in your wedding bouquet and some alien-themed food or cocktails and you’re well on your way to a sci-fi celebration with a difference. Speak to your chosen venue for advice and help with developing your unique theme idea and incorporating it into your celebrations. For a Wedding Venue in Gloucestershire, visit Hatton Court.

Hunger Games

This isn’t the first theme that springs to mind when you think about weddings but if you loved the films, you might be drawn to the idea of love in midst of chaos and revolution. Couples that have had this theme have also focused on the extravagance and decadence of the Panem Capitol, providing endless opportunity for indulgent décor and fabulous outfits!


Got a thing for Superman? Well, it’s possible to tastefully include reds, blues and yellows in your wedding décor, as well as a super wedding cake design! Little touches like Superman bouquets and bridal shoes are also stylish nods to the theme and there are loads more of ideas for having a superhero celebration.

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Love all the fun of the fair? Then this is a great theme idea for a fun wedding day. Think coconut shys, face painting, hot dogs, doughnuts and a bouncy castle for the kids (and big kids) This is the perfect theme for a summer wedding, offering a relaxed and exciting take on celebrating your nuptials.

Star Wars

What side are you on? Whether you add in touches of the dark side or go for full on Jedi – this is a fun theme that’s easy to incorporate. Light sabres and stormtroopers, a cake that looks like the death star or millennium falcon? There is so much room for imagination and creativity with this one.



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