Why you should consider pressure washing

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For residential, commercial and business properties, pressure washing has become a preferred method of fast and effective cleaning. Pressure washing is suitable for a wide variety of surfaces and for use in many different cleaning contexts. Here are some of the many benefits of using this method of cleaning:

It’s easy

Different cleaning methods are time-consuming and require a great deal of energy and effort. When pressure washing, there is no need for scrubbing to remove stubborn dirt and stains, it simply requires standing upright and directing a force of water towards the grime. A hose is simply attached to a pressure washing unit, plug it in and away you go.

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Pressure washing is a fast attack on dirt and debris. There is no need to gather together various materials, such as sponges, mops and buckets and spend a couple of hours on your hands and knees. It also does away with the need to climb ladders as you can easily point the nozzle upwards to hard-to-reach areas. For more information on pressure washing and Office Cleaning Cheltenham, visit Intocleaning.

It’s safe

Our everyday work and home environments are full of many different contaminants, from dust and dirt to more harmful types of mould. Pressure washing is effective in blasting away these unpleasant bacteria, helping to keep you safer and breathing in more pleasant air. It also washes away any slippery substances, minimising the risk of slips or falls. It helps towards the upkeep of a building, make it look better and can prevent premature decay or deterioration of surfaces.

Boosts kerb appeal

Whether you’re a residential property looking to make improvements to your home’s exterior, or a business wanted to promote a good image, there is no doubt that a clean and sparkling exterior boosts kerb appeal. It makes driveways, pavements and paths safer and more attractive, while also washing away build-up on walls and windows of mildew and algae for example.

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Kind to the environment

Traditional cleaning methods are often associated with the use of harmful chemicals in cleaners. Whilst they might be good at what they do, they are harmful to the environment and sometimes to us. Pressure washing on the other hand, produces no harmful chemicals whatsoever. All it involves is a powerful blast of water that is strong enough to lift stains without using chemicals.

Less water

For exterior cleaning, pressure washers use less water than a garden hose doing the same job. Due to the force involved, up to 50 times that of a garden hose, less water is needed. In fact, some estimates have stated that a pressure washer uses 75% less water than a hose because the smallest amount of water is subject to a velocity that gives it the strongest cleaning power.


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