Thermal Bath: Treatment of circulatory problems

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“Circulatory problems” means those negative manifestations affecting venous circulation.

There are numerous causes that lead to these problems, such as heredity, prolonged fatigue, water retention, sedentary lifestyle, overweight. Prevention must therefore act on several fronts and it is important that it take place following a thorough medical analysis. We suggest visiting Best Facials in Manhattan.

The most common circulatory problems …

  • Varicose veins: the veining of the veins;
  • Visible and enlarged capillaries: technically telangiectasias;
  • Venous stasis: the slowing of venous blood flow in some districts;
  • Cold feet: in reality they are only the manifestation of a circulatory problem caused by cellulite and a certain vasomotor laziness (a reduced activity of contraction and relaxation of the vessels).

Moving in thermal water

Physical activity in thermal water is one of the best therapies for those suffering from circulatory problems, because the action of water is combined with motor action. The benefits of thermal water are further enhanced by alternating immersion in hot water and cold water: it is an excellent “vascular gymnastics”, which trains relaxation and constriction of the vessels (the hot water dilates the vessels, while cold water has a jar-constrictor effect). Visit Waxing in NYC to get the best care of waxing.

The program of physical activity to be carried out in thermal water if carried out by a competent and prepared person, it will be able to make the most of all the benefits of a correct movement and activity in thermal water, that is …

  • The increase of the muscular pump: while the water wraps and massages the legs during gymnastics, the voluntary contraction of the musculature acts as a “muscular pump”, favoring the ascent of the blood from the lower districts towards the heart;
  • The increase in venous return to the heart thanks to the reduction in the force of gravity in the water;
  • Superficial vasodilation of the skin;
  • The action of muscular pump on the vessels;
  • The action of vascular gymnastics (alternating hot and cold water).

Some advices

  • If the water is particularly hot (more than 35°) avoid staying in the pool more than 20/30 minutes, because a massive and prolonged vasodilation could have opposite effects to those sought.
  • Perform movements adapted to your possibilities and conditions (always inform the instructor of any problems).
  • Rely on a qualified and experienced instructor who knows the problems and effects of movement in thermal water.
  • Drink often before, during and after physical exercise in thermal water (even if you don’t notice it, you sweat a lot in thermal water and you risk being subjected to cramps). The ideal drink is water with added salts and trace elements (to replace those lost with sweat).

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