The easiest ways to keep warm in the winter.

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Talks of the “thundersnow” have become a memory but there is still a lot of winter left to come at some point, so being in the know about how to keep your home warmer during the chilly season is a good idea.

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Cold room

Is there one room in your house that always feels cold? If feeling warm in most of the house is no issue, but there is one area that never seems to match, the easiest way to solve the problem is a localised solution. Portable electric heaters are a low-cost, effective option that can fix the issue immediately. These days, they are cheap to run and increasingly efficient, too. They won’t suit every household though as they can burn little fingers, and at the moment, they are not the most beautiful additions to the room.

Wood burner

At the other end of the beauty scale is a wood burner which allows you to see a real fire, which has psychological effects at the very least. Beware that your heat isn’t escaping via the chimney too much, and ensure that your door is airtight to help. Adding a damper on the top of your chimney will also help some of the heat loss.

Work with what you have

Laminate flooring is very popular these days as a cheaper option to real wood. It looks great, but it does not have the same powers of insulation. This can be a blessing in the heat of the summer, so in the winter, consider adding additional insulation by way of some lovely fluffy rugs. If you are lucky enough to have a real fire then a Metal Log Holder might be a nice addition. To get more information why not visit for metal log holders.

If you have curtains at your windows, upgrading to ‘winter’ curtains can be a very easy, effective way to maintain some heat. Consider quilted options, of at the very least, lining your existing drapes. There is an infinite number of options for colour and pattern, and being able to hang curtains in such a short space of time makes it a fabulous option.

For more simple ways to keep warm, see the advice on the BBC website –

There are always ways to preserve a little heat, and some very effective ways of keeping warm and reducing your energy consumption, and consequently bills.

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