Five considerations when choosing office space

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Finding the right location for you and your business is key when looking for office space. But where to start?

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Office location can make or break the effectiveness of your business. It is all about location – and whether the right people can access it. Ask yourself whether your clients can make their way to your office easily and without worries about the area, including parking and surrounding neighbourhood. You need to keep your employees happy too – staff parking is necessary, but things like a nearby coffee shop or a gym are going to keep them sweet too.

Office Size

This will obviously depend on your particular business – which you know best, and you know what will work for you. It is recommended that each staff member is assigned 70 sq. foot, but this is rule of thumb. You will need to account for business growth, equipment and meeting or recreation areas.

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Businesses tend to have their own unique feel. If you are looking to assert your own ‘brand’ or style, the look and layout of your office may well play into that. For example, Matrix House have offices to let in Basingstoke; search to see if any are to your liking.


Make sure you have a reliable and fast internet connection. Some offices to let Basingstoke based come with internet included in the rental cost, but look into this. Not only internet, but postal address and telephone connection – your business must be connected to the outside world, so ensure you have this covered.


Understanding exactly what you can afford is very important. Before entering into a contract, ask yourself the following:

1. Can you afford to put down 3 months’ rent for this particular office space, right now?

2. Have you checked to see whether there are any surprise costings, for example, extra parking costs, maintenance budget or monthly upkeep costs you haven’t factored in?

3. Is this office space overpriced in comparison to others in the surrounding area?

There is a fine line between paying too little (disliking it and moving on within a few months) or paying too much (and having to scrimp to pay rent, then having to downsize).

Your office space needs to have the best interest of both your clients and your staff in mind.


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