Is a Wedding Planner needed?

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Have you really got your wedding planning under control? Here are some things to consider.

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A wedding planner could save you money. They know which days of the week are cheapest to get married on, which venues have last minute availability, and the cheapest place to buy your cake.  They will know the best transportation to take to get you and your family to the venue and may even suggest a Coach Hire Dorset business such as turners coaches who pride themselves in quality customer service.

Cost-effective help

Hiring a wedding planner may cost less than you think.  According to Time, you should allow roughly 10% of your wedding budget, but it will depend on how much of your day you want planned. If you think you’d love the task of designing your seating plan, go for it. You don’t have to get the planner to do everything, just the stuff you don’t want to do yourself.

They will provide help and not make you feel awkward for asking. You have to consider working all day and then using up valuable evening or weekend time to do your planning, or relying on family and friends to help out. All too often, there’s no sense of urgency when it’s your sister who’s booking the cars, and if they forget, falling out with them isn’t going to fix the problem. On the day, getting help from people that are guests is never going to end well, either. They may mean well, but once the drinks start flowing, distraction isn’t far away, with stress for you quickly following.

Insider knowledge

A wedding planner has the inside track on all your wedding vendors, such as photographers, caterers, venues and florists. They will have worked with many of them and will know which ones will best suit your wedding style and budget.

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If things go wrong at the last minute, you won’t have to handle it. Sit back, relax and let your planner take the flack. It’s what you’re paying them for.

Maybe you hadn’t considered a planner as part of your day, but if you sit down, work out how much time you have to spend on planning your day and how stressful you may find it, hiring a planner could be the best thing you invest in.

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