Fabric roofing or Polycarbonate?

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Canopies provide a range of benefits and can be used in a variety of situations to create covered areas and walkways that are protected from the sun and rain. If you are thinking about installing a canopy, there are two main types of materials that can be used – polycarbonate and fabric. They both have individual benefits and the technology you opt for will depend on which best fits your requirements.

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Canopies are often installed in school settings, where they offer many advantages; for example, a triple-walled polycarbonate provides long-term durability and protection from the weather.

This material is also exceptionally safe and impact resistant, which is of critical importance in school settings, and provides dimensional stability whilst remaining extremely lightweight.

Polycarbonate canopies feature a UV coating, which offers protection from degradation and creates a shaded area to protect children from the sun. It blocks out almost all UV radiation whilst having a high light transmission rate.

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Fabric canopies

Fabric Roof Structures supplied by companies such as spatialstructures are utilised in a large number of environments, including sports and leisure venues and retail parks.  They are specialists in this area and will work through any issues you have.
These types of coverings bring many advantages; in particular, they distribute light evenly across the space without creating shadows or glare and offer protection from inclement weather. This is ideal for sporting arenas, to benefit both spectators and players, and for garden centres that want to provide the best growing conditions for their plants.

Fabric coverings have a low thermal inertia, which enhances the heat comfort in both the winter and the summer. These thermal properties, alongside the fact that more natural light is filtered in, reduce energy costs across the lifespan of the canopy, as there will be a much lower requirement for artificial light.

Other typical benefits of fabric tensile structures are their stretch resistance and durability. They also have excellent sound insulation and noise reduction properties, which limits the impact on surrounding areas.

When selecting from the two types of material, it is important to think about how the canopy will be utilised and the expected lifespan you will be looking at. This will ensure that you make the right decision for your specific requirements and choose an effective canopy that will be of benefit to your environment for many years to come.

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