Flower Crowns to accompany your chosen outfit

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Bridal hair accessories are one of the ways brides can make their wedding outfit unique and they are becoming increasingly popular with wedding guests as well. Accessories such as combs, tiaras, headpieces and hair vines look amazing when combined with the right outfit and makeup and can be used subtly as well as to make a bold statement. One exciting new hair accessory that has recently been taking the catwalks by storm is flower crowns. These headbands are festooned with flowers for a beautiful combination of femininity, whimsy and elegance. So take a look and find a style that you will be proud to wear while you sip cocktails that have been made especially for the event by a Mobile Bar Hire Cheltenham like https://www.wearethemoversandshakers.com/

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Flower crowns are the ideal way to incorporate flowers into your wedding look. Flowers for the crown can be real or artificial, and these types of headpieces are perfect for those who like to make their own accessories. By creating your own flower crown, you will be able to enjoy a look that is totally individual on the day.

Popular Flowers

The flowers you choose for your crown can be large or small. Sometimes it is nice to leave a tendril hanging down, while other times it is better to keep it clean and simple. It is also up to you if you want to keep lots of foliage or stick with mainly the buds and blooms. Popular choices include lilies, ivy leaves, orchid flowers, spray roses, asparagus ferns, hydrangea heads, and French ruscus.

It is easy to create your flower crown using florist wire cut into shape and covered with florist tape to keep it soft. Measure around your head first and fit the wire to the right size for your headband. Cut the stems and foliage to around 2 inches long and mount them all onto the wire, then wrap pieces of wire around the flowers and mount them onto the main wire in clusters all around the crown. The piece that you create will depend very much on whether you are the bride, in the bridal party, or a guest. Smaller pieces may be more appropriate for guests as no one wants to upstage the bride on her big day.

DIY Wedding Styles

DIY flower creations are ideal for those looking to have a wedding on a budget, while many brides will prefer their own creations simply because they can choose their own flowers and colours and create something unique.

Wedding hair accessories and designs are getting more adventurous as brides look to stand out and find something individual. Flower crowns are the ideal way to incorporate individual style and floral elegance into your bridal look.

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