5 Exercises that will keep you warm and active

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Exercise is very important for all ages and will keep you moving, keep you fit and healthy and it can be fun.  There is quite a famous saying which is “Use it or loose it”.  This relates to people that unfortunately choose to stop moving and sit down in their home watching television and not socialising or it could be that those people are not so mobile anymore and can only move with assistance. We have come up with some exercises that are simple but effective.

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On a quick note before we start with the moves it is very important to stretch your muscles, take plenty of deep breaths and make sure you have plenty of water to drink as dehydration can make you dizzy and faint.

Star jumps – Separate your feet, put your arms out to the sides and jump in the air. When you land close your feet and put your arms up and down.  This will stretch your arms, legs and it will get your heart beating. You could also get your partner or children to join in which will make it much more enjoyable.  Maybe even add in funny noises whilst jumping like animals from a farm.

Sit ups – Set yourself a daily target of how many sit ups you can achieve and then add five the next day.  Again you could get your family involved by getting them to sit on your feet to hold you down. This will work on your abs and tummy muscles and will be great for your knees and hips.

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Extra Tip – Some people will wear extra clothes to encourage sweating and the build up off heat within your body.  My dad use to wear a bin liner when he ran wrapped around his body and he lost a huge amount of weight at the same time. Also turn your heating on and get the house nice and toasty to really get your body going.  You may need to get a Boiler service Cheltenham company  found at like like http://www.combi-man.com to come in and check your system to make sure it’s all working efficiently and effectively.

Sorts – Pick a sport and play, for example basketball with a small ball and a net you could throw and score and take it in turns to get the ball.  Keep a track of your points and before you know it you have done exercise and be cosy to.

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