Do you need a mortgage on an Iron Age Roundhouse?

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The simple answer to the question is probably not. First of all as the Iron Age roundhouse is made of dried mud with cow poo, willow walls, beech or oak poles, limewash paint and thatch it’s certainly not of standard construction. The other argument is that it’s not a permanent structure and could well come down quite quickly. This is a good way of avoiding planning regulations as if it’s not permanent then you don’t have to have them (I’m not sure that the Council will agree with this and you should check with them first. The last thing that you want is to start construction and be told to take it down).

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Our Iron age ancestors had the art of the Roundhouse down by the time the Romans came and introduced them to the advantages of dressed stone and marble. The process of building a roundhouse is quite simple. First you need to cut down a Beech tree or an Oak for preference.  Next you must cut the tree into 12 inch diameter posts of about 8 to 6 foot in height. You then dig a foot down and sink the post in a rough circle leaving space for an entrance. Next you need to band together a lot of willow branches into Willow hurdles. Attach these to the posts with rope twine and then add the mud, water and cow poo to the willow hurdles for a thick wall. Lay the remain bits of oak on a cone like frame and cover in thatch leaving a hole for the open fire smoke to escape through.

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