What’s the December dress code?

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December is the month that Winter really starts to kick in. The last of the autumn colour gets removed by the wind and rain and the air has the ability to turn a bit nippy. There is also the question of the run up to Christmas and all the fun that it entails plus there is the little matter of the New Year to celebrate and then the grey month of January brings it’s on set of challenges. What’s the December dress code? Whatever it is you’ll find some great stuff examples of Tommy Bowe Menswear that will sort you out in good stead for it. But then Tommy Bowe Menswear is good at any time of the year.

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The first problem is the Christmas Jumper. There is an increasingly and seemingly never ending drive to get us into a novelty one. There is a bit of a serious issue with this as for the most part it’s fast fashion and is very likely to get chucked rather than saved for year after year. There are stylish winter jumpers and cardis that you can get with a motif or design. Go for one of those rather than some Reindeer and Elf infested garish colour clash.

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Jeans are your best bet as ever and as usual it;s the regular brown or black. Denim is a great material for keeping out the cold and you might just get away with it at the formal christmas sit down lunch. Go for walking any excess off afterwards as well.

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