Bars should do more for those who don’t wish to drink alcohol

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When you think of an event or celebration, you think of alcohol. Whether it’s a festival, club or private party, most activities are centred around alcohol. However, with increasing numbers of people turning their backs on alcohol, especially amongst the young, what does the future hold for such events?

Drinking rates have plummeted, according to the Office for National Statistic. Now, a whopping 61% of people surveyed revealed they thought getting drunk was not ‘cool’.

It is the millennial generation who appear to be saying no to booze, with as many as one quarter of 16-24-year olds not drinking alcohol at all. These days there is much more of a focus on healthier living and lifestyle choices. So, being sober is now ‘cool’ and knowing that means that bars and clubs can adapt their offerings to appeal to this generation of non-drinkers. Many businesses are already reaching out to the non-drinkers with events like sober raves, alcohol-free bars and sober socials.

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So, what now for bars and pubs across the nation? What is great news for the health industry, is a bit of a nightmare for the drinks industry. For bars and clubs to continue thriving, they must adapt to the new culture or suffer the consequences. Stocking up on soft drinks will only get you so far. Brands like Coca-Cola don’t provide a big margin and people can rarely drink more than one or two in an evening. Why not explore more economical options such as Post Mix Equipment from

Another great idea is premium non-alcohol cocktails. It is possible to charge twice as much for an alcohol-free cocktail if you choose premium ingredients. Stocking a good quality non-alcoholic beer is a must as well, as these are highly drinkable as they are not overpowering with sugar. It is possible to continue to make a profit, whether your drinks have alcohol in them or not.

Bar owners should also not confuse abstinence for money-saving. Those who don’t drink are not necessarily doing so to save money, so they won’t be content with a glass of tap water or a flat lemonade! They want to be excited and tantalised by your beverage offerings, just as the alcohol drinkers do.

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Millennials look far more for an interesting experience when they go out and this is why cocktails remain so popular. Watching someone making it for you, dressing the drink and adding all the delicious premium ingredients is an experience that people will pay for.

Companies who manufacture drinks are now beginning to recognise the emerging market and sales of low or no alcohol drinks surged by 20.5% last year. Event managers and bar owners should begin to recognise that a fun, exciting range of low or no alcohol drinks will keep non-drinking guests at their events and looking for something for spend their money on. After all, sober people are more likely to look to the extras you offer on a night out, be that entertainment or food.


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