Ideas for an alternative Christmas Day

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Whether you’re a little jaded with Christmas or your circumstances have changed during the year, you might be looking for a Christmas with a difference. Here are some interesting alternatives to the usual Christmas lunch and vegging out in front of the Queen’s Speech:

Go sea swimming

Many people around the country descend on chilly beaches in their fancy dress or Santa hats to run into the sea for a refreshing Christmas Day dip. It’s all in the name of charity, so if you’re brave enough to take a dip then grab your wetsuits and head to a beach near you. Bournemouth is a popular spot with around 700 people going for a Christmas Day dip each year.

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Charities are always grateful for volunteers, but particularly at busy times like Christmas. Offering to lend a hand will keep you busy and give something back to your local community. Perhaps you could help serve lunch at a homeless shelter or join a befriending scheme to keep an old person from feeling lonely this Christmas.

Stay at home pampering

If you’d rather stay wrapped up in the warm, then why not use the day as an excuse to indulge and celebrate in any way that makes you happy. Relax in a bubble bath, snuggle up with a best-seller or binge-watch a Netflix series with dinner on your Sportscar Lap tray from . It’s your Christmas, so enjoy it however you want.

Walk a dog

Christmas Day is a great time for getting outside in the fresh air and if you want some furry company, volunteer to walk a friend’s or neighbour’s dog. Many families with pooches will be glad of the help as routines can go out the window with excitable children and family visits going on. The dog will thank you for it too!

Crowd-free attractions

Christmas Day is the perfect time to see some of the UK’s best loved attractions with virtually no other visitors around. Whether you fancy visiting the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, Edinburgh Zoo or Lulworth Cove on the Dorset coast, you’ll have quiet access unlike at any other time of the year. The chance to explore minus the crowds is almost too tempting to pass over.

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See the capital

The capital is normally borderline chaos, but if you want to see it when it’s almost eerily quiet then Christmas Day is the ideal time. Wander the city’s streets, see the famous sites and even book yourself onto a guided walking tour which run on 25th December. You’ll need to be an early bird though, as some set off at 6am as Big Ben chimes. Many people don’t realise that bus tours also operate in the city on Christmas Day too.



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