Are you sure that you’re sitting comfortably?

We spend a lot of time at work sitting down. This is in a marked contrast to our ancestors who spend most of their time stood up working in fields of factories. The end of the traditional industries has meant that the office is the most likely place you will have your employment or you’ll be driving or using public transport to get there. This doesn’t mean to say that we still don’t have the same worries to our physical health that they did. A good place to start when looking for a good office chair is a  type of Operator Chairs that you can see at places such as . These chairs are designed to support your back, neck and legs whilst sitting at a desk during the day.

But, what else can be done to ensure that we are healthy and confident in our workplace?

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One of the main issues with sitting down all day is that it can have severe effects on the back. Good posture is by far the best way to combat this. If it is not addressed people can find that their posture begins to suffer and that issues with the back can start or existing ones become much worse. Let’s look at the best ways to sit and to avoid this from happening beginning with posture.

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Posture allows us to find the correct balance for our muscles when we ask them to do things like exercise and movement.  If you posture is correct the amount of use placed on the joints, ligaments and muscles is reduced. It also allows us to have a decent balance of movement when we exercise ensuring stability. If the posture is poor it can base a great use of certain muscles over others creating strains and, even worse, it can place undue stress on the spine.

This sounds like it is a serious issue and it certainly is something that should not be ignored.  What is the best posture for sitting?

  1. Feet should be rested flat on the floor.
  2. No crossing of the ankles or knees (yes it is tempting).
  3. Maintain a small gap between the knees and the chair. Keep these knees a bit lower than the hips and the ankles in front of the knees too.
  4. The shoulders should be relaxed.
  5. An L shape is the best position for the Elbow.
  6. Sit up straight and look directly ahead.
  7. Ensure that your back is firmly into the seat’s backrest.
  8. Don’t just sit there, get up and walk around if you can. Some people even have desks that allow you to stand.



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