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During the last 20 years, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has stood out as an industry for boost your SEO traffic in its own right, albeit under the umbrella of marketing. Why has it failed to develop in the same way that many industries have in the area of technology?


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If innovation is defined as fresh ideas, direction or method, SEO hasn’t really moved forward in the last decade apart from some new software platforms and Google updates.

Benchmark SEO procedure

There have been some changes over the last decade, the most consistent example being continuous adjustments to Google’s ranking algorithm. There are also the necessary adjustments to each individual client’s requirements made by companies offering professional SEO services. Despite this, the main structure of the system has stayed the same.

The three main principles of SEO are search indexing, creating high-quality content and link building. The search indexing process has not changed, nor has the need for great content as it provides Google with more pages to index. Then there is link building, which is needed in order to rank higher. Again, there has been no change. These elemental procedures are the standard practice still used today by companies providing SEO services, and they have remained as they always were because they work.

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Advances in SEO

Compared to other industries such as the medical world, where new techniques and treatments are being discovered all the time, SEO has not developed in quite the same way. some companies still rely on the same proven techniques they’ve always used.

According to a presentation by BBC expert Rod Millard last year, sticking to the basics is still considered the way to go.

The main advances in professional SEO services have been seen in the application of IT. Marketing automation and keyword searching are two areas where new tools have been developed to make the process easier, faster and more efficient like at companies such as Belfast SEO found at links including Basic tasks such as sending emails have become slicker and more user-friendly. Analytics tools have also been developed to provide more ways to evaluate campaigns.

Although there has been little change in the concept and direction of SEO, the core values have proven to have stood the test of time, with only a few tweaks along the way. The emphasis is more on reaching the required goal with unique and tailored execution.


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