A Military Vehicle Show not to be missed

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Fancy a day out with some of the most fascinating military vehicles on earth? Then, you should consider booking some tickets to The War and Peace Revival on 27th July 2019.

This is a 5-day military extravaganza that takes place in Kent and is packed with entertainment and education on all things military and vintage. A must for military enthusiasts, it’s the ideal chance to see exhilarating battle re-enactments with full-scale choreographed action, not just people running around with a few toy guns!

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The event offers visitors the opportunity to see thousands of military vehicles from across the globe from all armies of the 20th century. There are bikes, Jeeps, motorcycles, tanks, amphibious vehicles, armoured cars, emergency vehicles and loads more. Once you’ve heard the roar of the tanks, you’ll want to drive one. You can enjoy a real-life Tank Driving experience at www.armourgeddon.co.uk/tank-driving-experience.html

Part of the event includes ‘Living History’ displays that provide incredibly realistic scenes of life in conflict, from the First World War to today. The educational value is excellent, with depictions of American servicemen in Vietnam, British soldiers in trenches and Russians playing the accordion after fighting the Germans during World War II. All the re-enactors follow strict rules but aim to provide as realistic as possible re-creation of life at the time.

As well as exciting displays and vehicle battles, there are plenty of stalls offering militaria treasures, books, machinery, memorabilia, clothing and a vast selection of goodies for the discerning military enthusiasts.

For those who love making things, the show is a great place to purchase top quality military models and expert model-makers from around the world come to the event to display their impressive creations and offer advice and ideas for modelling enthusiasts.

The event also stages a Vintage Village that provides a focal point to the Peace element of the event’s theme. The Victory Marquee is full of forties décor, elegance and top entertainment. The Market Place contains traders of high-quality fashion, civilian memorabilia and homeware products from the era making it the perfect place to pick up some unique gifts.

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The activities carry on into the evening for those staying on-site. Music acts from many different generations mean there’s something to enjoy for everyone. The Victory Marquee also hosts a Big Band evening of entertainment on the Friday and Saturday of the event, including a dine and dance experience.



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